Mr Modi are you destroying the country? Poojary on OROP

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Mr Modi are you destroying the country? Poojary on OROP

Mangaluru: “Central government is directly responsible for the death of a retired soldier. Before the elections, the present prime minister Narendra Modi had promised to implement “One Rank One pension”. The Indian soldiers and the people of the country believed in Modi. But as soon as Modi came to power he forgot all his promises. What are you doing Mr Modi ? Are you destroying the country? “, questioned senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary in a press meet held at the press club here on November 3.


Poojary further said, “Because of the confusion on “One rank one pension” a retired soldier Ram Kishen Grewal committed suicide. Before committing suicide he wrote a letter to the Defense minister, mentioning that he was committing suicide so that other soldiers would get justice. The Defense minister has failed to address the problems of the soldiers”.

The government has failed to fulfill the promises made by prime minister Narendra Modi. The former chief of the military V K Singh has given a controversial statement. BJP leader Meenakshi also has commented that “Why, the soldiers did not commit suicide when the Congress was in power? In India, we have 10 lakh soldiers. After the retired soldier committed suicide, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi went to the hospital to meet the family members of the soldier, but they were not allowed to enter the hospital. The family members of the retired soldier said that if Rahul Gandhi comes to the hospital the problem will be solved and were willing to meet him. They could have allowed Rahul and Kejriwal to visit the family members individually but they did not do so. Why did they deny entry to the Vice president of Congress to meet the family of the deceased? Poojary questioned.

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Poojary attacking V K Singh, an Indian politician and a retired four-star general in the Indian Army, for his statement, “The reason for the soldiers suicide being reported is OROP, don’t know what his mental state was, need investigation” on the retired soldier Poojary said, “V K Singh should resign immediately for his controversial statement, if he will not resign, he should be expelled from the party. BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi should also be expelled from the party”.

Poojary also said, “Instead of solving the problem why is the BJP is blowing the issue. If Modi is not able to fulfill the promises which he had made during the elections, let him say it to the 130 crore people of the country that he has failed to keep his promises and also say that I just make promises which I am not able to fulfill. The entire world is watching India. The FDI is slipping, there is no peace in our country. The Share market has collapsed, the value of the Rupee is decreasing against the Dollar”.

Congress leaders Arun Coelho, Kallige Taranath and others were also present.

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  1. I really like Jannanna’s comedy. I remember how he challenged Sri Modiji to contest from Mangaluru 2014 lokasabha elections before losing out to Nalina Kumaara. smiles…

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