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Mr Richard D’Souza – Mangalorean Star presents Mr Richard D’Souza as a ‘Precious Persona’ in Mangalorean Star Column for the month of August. He is a Social worker, Philanthropist & Konkanni lover.

He is currently ‘The General Controller of The Finance Department’, Government of Abu Dhabi (U.A.E). In addition to this he is a member of the Advisory Council of The Indian School. He is the Founder Chairman of Indian Chartered Accountancy Chapter in Abu Dhabi, and Founder member and Vice Chairman of Indian Business and Professional Group. He was instrumental in starting Mangalorean get-togethers in Abu Dhabi in the year 1970 which is now known as KCO.

Mr Richard D’Souza was born on 2nd February, 1943, in Bendore, Mangalore. He is the eldest son of Mrs. Marcelline D’Souza and Late Joseph D’Souza. He secured VI rank in B.Com in the year 1962, and was very active student and an all round achiever in St. Aloysius College Mangalore, during his school days and college life. He then completed his C.A with distinction in 1966.

Mr Richard D’Souza is an extremely hardworking, down to earth, energetic and inspiring person; who carries a great big smile and makes others at ease while around him. A thousand words may not be sufficient to describe what a nice personality he is, but to summarize he is a good leader, a lover of sports and events, eloquent speaker, and a humble personality. Though he is been in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) for the past 35 years, he made me feel that I was in my hometown.
During my conversation with him I happened to ask him these few questions and this is what he said:

Q. If you could meet only one person in history who would it be and why?
I would like to meet Bill Gates for two reasons:

1. He is a very successful person. He has come up on his principles of leadership, teamwork and he is a hard working individual.

2. He is also a very generous personality. He gives large amount of money to different Organisations (and helps them achieve their objectives in various fields like Heath, Education, and thus helps in the upliftment of the entire society). This is something that we all need to admire. This impresses me more than his wealth.

Q. Can you recall any special incident in your life that has given real joy and happiness and made you feel content?
A. Actually there are many incidents that have occurred in my life and when I keep recollecting them, they give me a sense of joy and happiness. But there is one incident that is worth mentioning and it cannot be wiped off from my memories. It was in the year 1967 when Cardinal Gracious visited Mangalore. We organised a youth rally in Mangalore, which was a great success. I was the chairman of that event. Cardinal Gracious who realised the potential we had in organising this event, invited me to Bishops House in Mangalore, and asked me whether I was interested in migrating to the U.S. It made me feel happy deep inside. The love and affection that people had for me, I could not say “yes” to him because at that time I was already given a job offer by Government of Abu Dhabi, Finance Department to work as a Senior Accountant.

Q. Give us a brief description about your youth life and guidance you have given to various associations?
A. I was the President of CYM Bendore for a period of six years from 1960-1966. I was also the President of CYM at diocesan level. Our objectives were to develop youngsters and to bring out their talents, instill discipline among youth to be of service to the Community. During those days we had a mix of all types of individuals in the CYM. Youngsters, who had taken up different professions, be it doctors, engineers, accountants and also others. The leaders of these types of Organisations need to stick to their objectives they have in mind and achieve their end goal. Never allow politics enter your group because it can destroy the unity and the objectives you have in mind.

Q. What are your current activities and what do you plan to do in the future? (any plans for the enlistment and growth of youngsters etc.?)
A. In addition to my current work life, my association with different organisations keeps me busy and occupied. I would like to help people who have difficulty in getting good education because of financial reasons. Education will help them build themselves and also their families.

Q. How do you utilise and spend your leisure time? Any special activities?
A. I love sports and extra curricular activities. Social Organisations and functions consume too much time. In addition to this if I find extra time I love to play Golf and Tennis.

Q. What is the message you would like to give to the viewers of this site
A. Believe in yourself. Be a Sincere and hardworking person. The adage idle mind is devils’ workshop applies to every individual. There is definitely no shortcut to success. Honesty and determination will definitely help every individual succeed in life. It will give honour, sense of pride to all to die working hard than to die doing nothing at all.

Submitted by: Claude Fernandes, UAE

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