Mrinal Dutt wants TV to be taken seriously

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New Delhi, Jan 10 (IANS) Indian crime dramas are often compared with their foreign counterparts and blamed for killing suspense by obvious hints. Actor Mrinal Dutt, who is seen as the male lead in TV show “Private Investigator”, says though Indian serials are moving towards that acclaim, it’s time to take TV seriously.

“There is a major comparison between Indian and foreign crime or detective series. I think their shows are made on a very different scale. There are so many similarities like good actors, but things like writing, functioning and programming brings a difference. We are trying to get there,” Mrinal told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“We need to get serious about TV. They do TV like films. Another reason for the gap has cropped up as big studios back them up. We need that impetus so that we can do it on a better scale,” he added.

Mrinal, who plays role of a detective named Raffe Roy Chaudhary in the Star Plus show, feels that the wave of finite series on Indian television will bring a change.

“It has been happening in the foreign market for a long time. You have to control quantity and bring out quality. It’s great that it has started in India,” he said.

The actor also insists that portraying role of detective on screen has made him sharper and more attentive.

Mrinal, who has also featured in two southern films like “Tuneega Tuneega”, has devoted all his time to “Private Investigator” in 2015.

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