‘Mrs India South’ Nischitha Interacts with Bevy of ‘Mrs’ of KMC-Navachaitanya

‘Mrs India South’ Nischitha Interacts with Bevy of ‘Mrs’ of KMC-Navachaitanya

‘Mrs India South’ Nischitha Shenoy Interacts with Bevy of ‘Mrs’ of KMC-Navachaitanya, Bejai.

Mangaluru: Yes, ‘She came, She saw, She conquered’ the hearts of many seniors and youngsters of KMC Navachaitanya Yoga group, at an interaction arranged by the Association on Friday, 26 May 2017 at KMC-Bejai. And this local lass, Nischitha Shenoy-a mother of a 16 month-old baby, a technology consulting professional, a licensed Zumba fitness instructor, a go-getter and a achiever, who was the winner of “Mrs. India South 2017”, the only beauty pageant for married women in the country allowing them to come together in a celebration of not only their beauty, but their personality, talent, glamour and culture too, awed this group of Yoga enthusiasts of KMC Navachaitanya through her talents, beauty, character, intelligence, Compassion and what not.

Out of the 20 contestants that competed in the “Mrs India” beauty pageant, Nischitha Shenoy of Mangaluru was announced the winner of “Mrs. India South 2017”-where she is now qualified to enter the National round of Mrs India 2017 to be hosted in June. Nischitha Shenoy also won the subtitle of “Mrs India Bollywood Queen – South Edition 2017”. This pageant surely was for Indian Women who embody Beauty, Talent, Intelligence, and Compassion- and for that matter, Nischitha has proved it! Her exclusive interview was featured in Mangalorean.com recently- for more on the article click on the link below.

Teaching for almost 3 years, presently she is a licensed Zumba fitness instructor in Bengaluru. Nischitha Shenoy has always been an achiever, a dreamer and believes that there is nothing hard work can’t help you achieve. As a Zumba instructor, she has helped raise funds for causes such as Women Empowerment. Nischitha believes in restoring mother nature to all her glory and is a supporter and active volunteer with the NGO Saytrees.org. She is a volunteer with “Save Whitefield” a public initiative to tackle civic and environmental woes of Whitefield, Bengaluru. Nischitha’s simple and modest demeanor translated into the sense of fashion which she appreciates herself. Ever since she won the recent title, she has found that her sense of style has become more expressive of who she is. She is fun loving, spontaneous and impromptu on stage and off stage. And the women of KMC Navachaitanya picked Nischitha as the right person who represents the power of women these days, and to enlighten them with her words of wisdom on a topic “Fitness and Good Health Principles” pertaining to women. (Read her full speech below).

After a bunch of photo sessions and selfies with Nischitha, Mrs Deviprada, president of a KMC Nava Chaitanya group welcomed the gathering, which was followed by a brief talk by Nischitha. With the audience requesting for demonstration of catwalk, Nischitha obliged to do so- and in response, three members of Navachaitanya who wanted to follow in Nischitha’s footsteps, also wanted to do the catwalk. The trio namely Prathiksha Prabhu, Maninder Kaur and Geetha V Rai did the catwalk, and Mrs Kaur was selected as the winner on highest audience applaud, and was presented with a red rose. As much as the members of Navachaitanya enjoyed being amidst Nischitha, so also did Nischitha Shenoy who said, “It has been a wonderful journey so far but wouldn’t have felt complete without visiting this place and this town Mangaluru that I forever will call home! I am grateful and thankful to Mrs Deviprada, president of a KMC Nava Chaitanya group, Team of Mangalorean.com and my gorgeous mother, Reshma Shenoy, for introducing me to such an absolutely inspiring group of women, housewives, social entrepreneurs and responsible citizens.”

Following is the speech delivered by Nischitha Shenoy:

“My journey with ‘Mrs India’ pageant has been incredible so far. Lots of learning and self-discoveries. Today I am here to talk to you about my fitness mantra and to share how winning the ‘Mrs India South 2017’ title and pageant felt and how it all started. ‘Mrs India South’ pageant was an eye opener of sorts to me. It showed me that a married working mother of one. can excel at a pageant and win it even. Hard work has no substitute and talent has no boundaries. These two simple principles helped me win an incredible pageant like ‘Mrs India South 2017’. All your dreams start with you and only you. The moment I found out about this pageant I knew that it was my calling. It proved to be all that I expected and much more. Will always be thankful to the National director of Mrs India pageant Mrs Deepali Phadnis, Regional directors Mrs PratIbha Saunshimath and Mrs Jazpreet Kaur for their guidance, love and support.

I follow three very simple yet powerful fitness/good health principles. One- I make it a point I have seasonal fruits, vegetables. They pack more vitamins and nutrients and are priced right as per the season they are available in. Two- I drink at least 2.5 to 4 liters of water based on how my day is planned out. Water helps with boosting metabolism, regulating hormones, keeps energy levels high and helps organs function well. Three-I exercise or am physically active with something I love to do 4-5 days a week. This has gotten me to where I am today with fitness and into leading a healthy happy lifestyle.

This being said, I want to applaud all of you here for taking out time to do yoga in a group at this age. Group workouts boost confidence levels and moods which encourages people to help each other out. I also admire this community’ helping nature to reach out to the old age ward residents of KMC, cancer patients, psychiatric ward patients and children with disabilities. I am here to provide all my support and time to such a noble cause of helping people in need of love, care and support.

I want to address another important issue with all of you. I am a proud feminist and I am here to tell you that it’s ok to be one. By definition it means Having a Social economic, political and a personal status the same as that of men. But, for me it’s beyond that. To me feminism has always been about being myself irrespective of with whom I am or where I am. Try to be true to yourself and always strive to be yourself. Do not be suppressed, be vocal and stand up for yourself because No one else might. I promise you will never regret it.”.

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A Lady with Beauty & Brains…A Focused individual. Confident & An Achiever par excellence. Congrats to My KMC Nava Chaitanya….& Our Dear Alfie, for always being there.& Violet Pereira Madam— Jerardin Dsouza — Founder — MAA