Mugrody Const Trucks Spilling Red Mud On Arya Samaj Road is Safety Hazard for 2-Wheelers

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Mugrody Const Trucks Spilling Red Mud On Arya Samaj Road is Safety Hazard for 2-Wheelers

Mugrody Construction Trucks Spilling Red Mud on Arya Samaj Road is a Safety Hazard for 2-Wheelers- and many riders have lost balance, skid and fallen, either trying to avoid the mud or by running over them, with minor bruises. Does any of the District Administration or Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Officials care about the SAFETY of the MOTORISTS and PEDESTRIANS? This is the total Negligence of Truck Drivers of Mugrody Construction, Mangaluru, and the Construction Company, which undertakes various projects work of Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), National Highways, and Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL)

Mangaluru: Construction trucks spilling red mud on road is Hazardous to Motorists, especially when It rains- and even in spite of strict laws, no one cares about it. Red Mud spilt on the road by construction trucks can be a serious health and safety hazard as it can create slippery conditions for cars and other vehicles, especially two-wheelers, causing them to skid or even crash. And we are seeing this issue in the City, at all the construction sites, and no action has been taken either by Mangaluru City Corporation, or the Traffic Police.

Following a report published by Team Mangalorean/ (Ref:  Huge Load of Red Mud Spilled on Road due to Negligence of Truck Driver of Mugrody Const) just a few days back, (where a huge pile of red mud was spilt in front of Wenlock hospital since the back door of the truck was not latched properly- read more in the article link), the same construction company is once again flouting the rules by spilling red mud on the streets, while hauling the mud from a site to the dumping yard, by trucks-which is a total safety hazard for motorists, especially two-wheeler riders. One such construction site which is making a mess with the trucks spilling red mud on the road is on the just resurfaced Arya Samaj Road in the City, and this has been going on since morning (Tuesday, 29 September).

Due to all these ongoing construction work of new apartments, MCC/MSCL projects, there have been quite a few two-wheelers skidding on these wet muddy roads, and since none of these motorists are complaining, (same like today, even though few riders have fallen) the road situation is getting from bad to worse. Many of City’s clean roads have turned into muddy roads- and thanks to these trucks for spilling the mud, and also the mud stuck in between the tyres, which is creating all the problems. and this report is for the kind consideration of MCC, Traffic Police- and also the builders/contractors, to rectify such issues repeating again so that no accidents happen in future. Will they oblige my request, is very much doubtful- but anyways, there is no harm in requesting/asking.

My humble request is also for the Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra and MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, both IAS officers, to look into this matter seriously- since this kind of menace has been going on for years- and no action has been taken until now, because of lobbyists and politicians involved? Yes, it should be noted that dust is bad to our health in many ways and hazardous to riders on the road. The entire city is dusty and muddy and in some way, it adds to the stress of the public and motorists. Somehow people building a new house or apartment or commercial complex, seem to believe that the footpath in front of their construction site belongs to them and can be used for storing material and spill mud. This is really annoying as usually makes the footpath completely unusable and damages it – and usually, they don’t bother fixing it when the construction is over. It also often means that they have violated the regulations.

Regarding today’s incident as per an official from Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL), when the Arya Samaj Road was under re-construction, Mugrody Construction had dumped the excavated mud during construction in an empty land on that road- and now that stocked mud has to be removed from there, the Mugrody Construction truck hauling the mud from this place to a dumping yard, have been spilling red mud on the entire stretch of Arya Samaj Raod- and this is causing inconveniences to the public and motorists. Why can’t these construction companies learn from their past mistakes? Or they simply don’t care, since they have political or bigwigs influences.

Luckily the weather was sunny today, if not it would have been a BIG mess. Mangaluru was never a dusty city- thanks to its tree cover and independent houses. See all road in front of Kankanady market under construction- it’s all red, due to spilling of mud by the trucks- and the project belongs to MSCL/MCC, where the new Kankanady Market is coming up. Same was the situation, when the Kadri Market in its initial stages of construction, also saw mud spilt on the road. This topic of mud and dust on the road is one of the most important, and sadly, most neglected topics. And when the clean city roads are dirtied by these trucks hauling construction site mud, it gets one’s dress totally dirty and dusty. This topic is more important than it looks at first glance, and deserves a lot of attention by the concerned officials. Dust and mud accumulated on city roads play a big role in degrading the quality of life in our city. These days we are not even seeing the cleaning/sweeping MCC truck- and therefore mud and dust is left on the streets unattended posing health issues for the public.

As per defined standard procedures, the tyres of the trucks laden with mud need to be sprayed with water, before they enter the road-but, unfortunately, that’s not happening here. Dug up for pipeline replacement, for Smart City projects, and for laying underground electricity cables, and at new construction sites, Mangaluru’s roads look the worse for wear with multiple infrastructure projects underway. The city has become a dust bowl and the dry/wet weather is only exacerbating these conditions, prompting people in several areas to term it the city’s “dust age”. The dust and debris from the ongoing, completed, and incomplete projects are also a health hazard.

(Ref:Construction Trucks Spilling Red Mud on Road Hazardous to Motorists, Especially When It Rains) article file photos

Hope the concerned authorities mentioned in this report will do the needful in rectifying this issue at the earliest, for the benefit of motorists and pedestrians- and this report is exclusively for the kind perusal and consideration of Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra; MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar; MCC Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar; MSCL Managing Director Mohammed Nazeer & General Manager (Technical) Er Arun Prabha – and also in regards to this incident, the owner of Mugrody Construction, Sudhakar Shetty! Hoping necessary precautions will be implemented in future, I remain thanking you all in anticipation.

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