Mukthi – a Band Born from Monotony to Salvation!

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Mukthi – a Band Born from Monotony to Salvation!

Mangaluru: If you like music by Dire Straits, Doors, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Elvis, Bollywood and Goan singers etc etc- then here is the Bootleg band named “Mukthi” who can perform some of the best hits by these artists, and this is a band basically suited to entertain literally any crowd for that matter. Ever since they grouped together a couple of years ago, where earlier to that the current members have been playing in different groups and sometimes came together as a band. Then they found a common bond in their love for music and decided to do something different. They were tired of being taken for granted and the ‘user-friendly’ shows where tracks are played digitally and people just go through the motions- and thus was born “Mukthi”, Salvation from Monotony. Mukthi has been a low profile band for almost two years now, performing, practising, waiting for that moment.

With their great performance and style of reaching to the audience, they have really “made a difference” with their music, thereby promoting their music and connecting with their friends and fans. ‘Mukthi’ has been a much appreciated live act throughout the gig circuit in and around DK and beyond.The band members have colourful embodiment of talents that spreads positivity around them. Their performances and their music have brought a sense of freshness which grabs the listener with a newfound energy. Their unique western rock/hard rock/reggae, with a touch of Bollywood and Goan influences, has brought them firmly into the spotlight of mainstream. Their music is full of life and you will always enjoy listening to them.

Constantly gigging and gaining a reputation wherever they have been called to perform, they create a sound which is reliant on the energy and honesty of yesteryear rock and roll/reggae songs and present hits. We should all know that Music is one thing which transcends beyond all limits, borders and constrictions we put ourselves into. It, in true terms, touches your mind body and soul effortlessly. And there is nothing more soothing and touching than one’s own roots. We have music of all sorts like Rock, Pop, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Country, Alternative, Jazz etc- and then we have Mukthi where the members of it are hooked on to. The band has won the hearts of hundreds of the young crowd that had gathered to watch them play live. I too was so much impressed with their music talents, that I wanted to do an interview with the band members for after I heard them play live at G6 Music Cafe twice lately. They simply rocked the house!

Some might say that they should grab the chance right now while it exists, however it is not something that overly concerns the band. Although they are a well-established band with talented and experienced musicians and singers, they are continually growing in stature and the odds are that such interest is just a taste of what is to come. The band wants to concentrate on their live performances. This is evident when watching them, as it is here where they shine. It seems as if the stage is a place for emotional release, where they can perform without concern or compromise. The musical chemistry between the band musicians is clearly evident. They are all equally competent and fill the role extremely well.

The main motto of the band is to render the best music that they can provide, to please the crowd, keep their reputation and anticipate good remarks from their audience. Hard work, ignore what anyone else is doing how well or badly they are. Focus on what they are doing perform at big gigs, network and make friends. Learn music trade through time and patience, and when they have done the best job someone will notice. Like everything the music industry is one where you need throwing in at the deep end to learn how to swim. Most swim enough to make it to the shallow end then the changing rooms. The band “Mukthi” has reached to greater heights through their intensive practices, thoughtful lyrics, and mesmerizing the crowd with their impeccable performances.

“It’s never the same. You need to learn how to be at the hottest level possible EVERY time you play in front of the audience– there’s no buildup, you have to rule immediately and capture the audience, with an insane amount of music thrown at them. It’s a very interesting job and we are thankful to be together in this “Band” playing with the best musicians we have ever known- and that’s us !” said the band members beaming with pride after a few cocktails at the end of their performance when they had their gig at G6 Music Cafe, and they consider themselves the “Best Band among the Rest” in the city. I think I should simply agree with them, no doubt about it!

Mukthi – the band comprise of members namely- Ralph Roshan Crasta aka Bela on lead guitar-Dedication is his middle name; Rajesh Moily the ebony and ivory man aka Bola-A happy person with an amazing ear; Rajendra Bably on drums and percussion- The silent one; Jonam Obol on bass and vocals-The devil incarnate; Shobha Dsouza vocalist, also plays bass, keyboards-Power pack of the band; Guest appearances by Sandesh (the Macho Man) and Sowmya Bhat, who do the eastern section add an extra charm to the band. Not forgetting to mention, Jithesh Cardoza is also an active member. And to add some charm, sizzling and sensational lead singer Shannon D’Souza on few occasions sets the stage on fire with her impeccable performance!

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q: Can you tell us about the formation of the group? What made you and how did you all got together?

We were all playing in different groups and sometimes came together as a band. We found a common bond in our love for music and decided to do something different.We were tired of being taken for granted and the ‘user-friendly’ shows where tracks are played digitally and people just go through the motions. Thus was born Mukthi, Salvation from monotony. Mukthi has been a low profile band for almost two years now, performing, practising, waiting for that moment.

Q: What do you feel about the music industry today?

The music industry in India today is going through a metamorphosis. This is a good thing. The old norms are being shed. People accept new ideas, innovation. The lingual barriers are down. Talent has a chance now

Q: Do you think singer/songwriters are the best of their own work or do you believe some cover versions can be better than the original?

This is a chicken and egg question. A cover version may sound better, but it ends there. An original is original and never the Twain shall meet. A cover borrows the structure and builds on it. Like a pizza with different toppings. It may taste different, but it’s still a pizza

Q: What steps do you plan on taking to reach your goal in your career in Music Industry?

We are not looking for stardust, but we’d like to do our bit for people to enjoy quality music. We are here now and would like to stick on for some time. Meanwhile, we still strive for salvation.

Q: How many years were you fighting to get to where you are today and what was that time in your life like?

We have been in the biz individually from the last 20+ years, and it’s been no pleasure cruise. No looking back is our collective way of life. We carry our crosses every day and fight the good fight. We practice intensively and regularly. Then there is the Anuwaada session after each gig where we go through our shortcomings. A kind of Postmortem. A successful gig gives you a good night’s sleep. All of us are in it till the bitter/sweet ends.

Q: What courses/classes would you recommend someone to if they want to be a successful musician in the music field?

Find your most compatible instrument. Learn the basics well, then build on them. Listening is the key. And then there is dedication. Play every song like it’s the last one you will ever play. It could go on all night, but that’s it in a nutshell.

Q: From your experience so far, what have you found to be most challenging? And how are you dealing with it?

He, there are so many. People playing music at Ridiculously low rates just to corner the market, gigs where so the nd is compromised on just to save a few bucks. Hypocrisy, back biting. Oh, all the human tendencies. We have our own high tech sound in Audio Control and we carry on with our thing making peoples happy by sounding good. When you can see feet tapping in an otherwise dull crowd, you’re there. Then there is criticism, but that is healthy and we welcome it.

Q: What kind of music influences your song selection? Are there any artists that inspire you?

We have a very complex set list that ranges from Lena Zavaroni circa ’74 to Eric Clapton, Dire Straits and of course Bob Marley, Osibisa, the Doors and Bollywood. We also do the Mangalorean wedding band scene. Goan music is a major part of our repertoire- We fill up with a lot of fusion/blues, and on demand, almost anything. Like we mentioned before, we’re here to give people a good run for their money!

Q: Are you planning on releasing any music CD of your own shortly? What’s next stored for you guys? Any upcoming events?

We have some own compositions mostly instrumental fusion and a few rock songs. Cutting a disc requires time, and money. So sponsors, you know where to find us. To quote an old quote, ‘if you have the inclination, we have the time’.

Q: What’s your advice for budding musicians who want to reach greater heights?

Listen. Grow an inner ear. Practice until it hurts. Be humble but don’t let people use you. Be organised. Trip the light fantastic and never fear! Above all, be punctual!!!

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    Thank you so much for the awesome write-up and pics.We will definitely try to live up to them.
    God bless.

    Jonam Obol
    For and on behalf of ‘Mukthi’.

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