Mumbai: Christmas Blessings for Special children of ZEP Rehab Institute in Pune

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Mumbai: Members of Lions District 323 A2 (from Mumbai) and District D2 (Pune & Nasik) paid a visit to ZEP Rehabilitation Centre, Gajanan Colony, Dange Chowk ChinchWad, Pune on Saturday, 28th December 2014, as they donated a computer with table and also exercise mats costing about Rs. 30,000/- with DG Ln Anil Jadhav, VDG 1 Ln Nitin Shetty from Mumbai & DG Ln Dr Vikrant Jadhav from Nasik.






ZEP runs school for special children which has 52 children with 18 teachers and caters to the need of 1 teacher : 3 special children. Special children need more attention that is ‘ONE IS TO ONE’ and “STEP to STEP” which means you need to teach each activity for many times may be 100 to 1000 times, though they learn to do the activities.

Head Mistress Vaishali Khedkar put it that we also train them for vocational guidance and training in some some fields like bag making, painting, flower making, computers, etc. so that once they are above 16 years of age, they can get jobs.

Netra Patkar, who started the centre in 2008 on a lease basis says the lease will get over soon, and they will be happy if the government or Pune Social Work Department can allocate them some place so that these children can have a safe future. Lions members promised to look into the matter, along with co-ordinators Mala Shetty and Jayshree Shah, who have always been working for such disabled children in Mumbai and other states of India.

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