Mumbai: Monti Fest at Dahisar

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Mumbai: Monti Fest was celebrated at St Louis Church Dahisar, on Sunday September 13, symbolizing a precise blend of solemnity, devotion, unity, joy and merriment. All the families of the parish came together to celebrate this feast.

At 10:30 am, The Novena to Mother Mary was said after which the blessing of the new harvest took place. Later, a procession consisting of the little children at the lead went to St Louis Church, singing the traditional hymn “Sakadd sangata mellyam”. Holy Mass was celebrated by Parish Priest Fr Lancy D’Silva CSC.

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It was followed by a cultural programme wherein parishioners of all age groups came forth and actively participated in a variety of skits, dances and songs.

There were around 300 devotees gathered for the feast and they cherished every moment of the celebrations as the event reminded everyone of their good old days in Mangaluru.

On the whole, Monti Saibinnichem Fest was organised by members of the Konkani Cell of St Louis Church, Dahisar. It was in a very grand and traditional way, with the support of all the members and their families. At the end of the cultural programme Fr Vincent Barboza from IC Church initiated the grace before meals and blessed the food (Novem Jevonn).

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