Mumbai: Monti Fest Celebrated at Goregaon

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Mumbai: Konkani Seva Mandal belonging to Our Lady of Rosary Church, Goregaon West celebrated Monti Fest on Sunday 13th Sep 2015. Programme started with the New Corn Blessing followed by Konkani Mass. Special prayer service was arranged at 11:30am. Children came with flowers to honour Monti Mai.

Various cultural programmes and skits were organised by Jenita and Johnson. Children, Youth, Men and Women presented various cultural dances. Denora and her mother presented a duet song. Winnie and Benito also presented a duet song. Hilarious skit Vellar Kumsar was staged.

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Fr Gnana Jothi said the grace before the meal. Fr Steven Kika was also present at the occasion. Winnie Saldanha and Richard D’Sa compered the programme. Novem Jevon was served to all on banana leaves which was  co-ordinated by – William and Vasu. Geneview Correa delivered the vote of thanks.

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