Mumbai: Woman professional denied home for being a Muslim

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Mumbai (PTI): A 25-year-old woman professional was allegedly refused a flat by a builder as she belongs to the minority community, days after an MBA graduate was denied job by a diamond export firm on similar ground here.

An activist has taken up the matter with the National Commission for Minorities seeking a probe into the builder’s “discriminatory policy.”

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Misbah Quadri, who works with a Public Relations agency, had been living in an apartment at Kandivali in the western suburbs of Mumbai since the time she shifted to the city from Gujarat a year back.

Recently, she tried to move to a flat in Wadala area but met with the shocking response from the builder of the apartment.

“After a lot of searching, I finally found a house at Wadala and paid a deposit of Rs 24,000 through a broker. A night before I was to move in, I got a call from the broker, warning me not to shift there as it is the builder’s policy to not have Muslim tenants. I tried to reason with him but he did not oblige,” Quadri told PTI.

She claimed that the broker asked her to sign a “no-objection certificate” declaring that if she faced any harassment from her neighbours because of her religion, the builder, the owner and the broker “would not be legally responsible.”

“I had to move into the flat though I did not agree with the terms because the notice period with my previous flat had expired and there was nowhere I could go. After a week, the broker called me again and asked me to leave. I had no option then but to leave the flat. Presently I am staying at a paying guest accommodation in Bandra,” she said.

Quadri claimed that when she approached the representative of the builder who has an office in the same building, she was told that it was a policy of theirs to not give homes on rent to Muslims.

“He also said that maybe 5-6 years down the line they may start renting flats to Muslims,” she said.

Meanwhile, activist Shehzad Poonawala, in a petition filed before the National Minorities Commission, has prayed that an inquiry be conducted into the allegation to ascertain whether the builder has a discriminatory policy against a religious community, which involves violation of the constitutional provisions.

He also sought legal action against the builder and the broker and urged the Commission to direct the Central government to call for a meeting of all stake-holders including real estate brokers, developers, state governments, activists, Home Ministry, Social Justice Ministry, Urban Housing Ministry and so on and issue strict legislative and statutory guidelines against discrimination of minorities.

Poonawala also suggested promulgation of a “Fair Housing Law” or guidelines on illegal discrimination against any community in matters concerning housing.

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  1. Dear readers,

    The tail of bloody history “divide and rule” is though sowed by ‘British Raj’, the Hindū Mahāsabhā and Jinah legacy of betrayal continued to live post 1947 partition Atrocity in Jammu.Punjab region and 1971 East Pakistan in West Bengal.

    The Republic of India further segregated in the name of religion with reins of British took over by RSS to implement the ‘Bunch of thoughts’ of Guruji’s forcing the minorities to live as second class citizen in their own democratic nation.

    The Modi’s ‘Gujarat Model’ laid the great foundation stone post Godhra riots during 2002 continued to live its memory in across nation including India’s financial capital denying job or renting a living space.

    While Israel forcefully annexure by chasing Muslims and CHRISTIAN alike in the promise land by redrawing borders,the Guruji’s of RSS inspired the followers in their ‘Bunch of thought’ continue to create invisible barriers. Though nations like Germany slammed the visible barriers the PM Modi’s government competing with Israelies building barriers.
    While Juhapura model and Shah Alam camp are the seeds of Godhra,Kashmiri pandits relocation in Jammu another classic example of Apartheid rule.

    Can PM Modi guarantee the Constitution rights to every citizen of India under his famous tags of ‘Sab ka sat, sab ka vikas’?

    If normal minority citizen can’t rent a square yard,how does the security will be guaranteed to them?

    Can PM Modi share is ‘Man ki bath’ or will he continue his voyage as ‘Columbus of India’ globe trotting remaining country in the Atlas?

    Jai hind

  2. Dear readers,

    VHP, RSS force Muslim to sell home in Hindu locality

    Barely a year after he bought a bungalow in a predominantly Hindu neighbourhood of Bhavnagar, prompting Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Pravin Togadia to ask neighbours not to allow him to move in, a Muslim businessman was forced to sell it off with functionaries of Hindu Right-wing groups brokering the deal.

    Jai hind

  3. ‘Black Flag’ Sharia Shaikh is outraged over this incident. But, I don’t hear a single word from him on Kashimeera Pandita families thrown out of Kashmeera. I feel sorry for this lady – she appears to be a more liberal, progressive lady based on her looks unlike those backward characters who walk around hiding from head-to-toe! I personally feel that we need to encourage moderate folks from ‘peaceful’ community while being very hard on those guys with tribal mindset.

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