Murder of Deepak and Basheer – Muslim Organizations Hold Condolence Meet

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Murder of Deepak and Basheer – Muslim Organizations Hold Condolence Meet

Mangaluru: The Muslim Organizations organized a condolence meet for the departed souls of Deepak Rao and Basheer at the Nehru Maidan here on January 12.

The programme began with an invocation. Muslim Leader Hameed Khadak inaugurated the condolence meet and said, “Today we are here to condemn the brutal murder of Basheer and Deepak Rao. On January 3, assailants murdered Deepak Rao in broad daylight. And later As revenge for Deepak’s murder, the Sangh Parivar killed an innocent person who had worked in the Gulf for 25 years and had come to his hometown for good. When Deepak was murdered, Hindu organizations staged protests and demanded Rs 50 lakh compensation for Deepak’s family. They staged a number of protests and tried to create communal unrest but the police department did a wonderful job by arresting the accused in the Deepak Rao murder case. The accused who were involved in the killing of Deepak belong to the BJP minority cell.”

Hameed Khadak further said, “When Basheer was murdered his family members said that we do not want any protest or procession because by doing so we will not get Basheer back. But the Sangh Parivar and BJP played politics in Deepak’s murder. Soon after Deepak’s murder, Bajrang Dal leader sitting in Kankanady ordered to kill any Muslim in revenge and as a result, an innocent Basheer who was about to go home from his fast food shop was attacked. The Government should find out the kingpins in these murders. The police should investigate and find out those who funded the accused, the reason for the murder and the background of the accused. Former Chief Minister in his statement said that the BJP corporator was involved in the murder of Deepak but the state government has maintained silence. We need to know the kingpins behind the murders of Basheer and Deepak. The government should find out the masterminds in these two cases and severely punish them. If not DK will become a war zone for communal violence.”

Hameed Khadak also said, “The MP of DK demanded Rs 50 lakh compensation when Deepak was murdered but he did not have the courage to visit Basheer’s house to console the family members. Later he demanded Rs 50 lakh compensation. Today I want to tell MP Nalin that Muslims do not want alms from him. We believe in giving, if MP Nalin wants any funds to contest the elections let him come to us, we will help him. By giving money, Basheer will not come back. Basheer’s family members said that they will not get Basheer back by holding procession or demanding compensation. Today I want to advise all my Muslim brothers to unite for peace and harmony in the society. We should boycott those who are trying to divide the Muslim community. They have the time to sit in front of the TV to give interviews but they do not have the time to come for the condolence meet. Let us all unite to build a peaceful society.”

Addressing the gathering former Mayor Ashraf said, “During Deepak’s murder there were attempts to create communal violence but the police foiled their attempts by arresting the accused on the same day. As we all know when the elections are nearing such incidents are common. On January 3, Deepak was murdered in Katipalla and in revenge they wanted to kill a Muslim. On the same night, while Basheer was closing his fast food shop, the accused belonging to the Sangh Parivar attacked him. The police department has done a wonderful job by arresting the accused in both the murders. When Deepak was murdered the BJP staged a protest and demanded compensation. Basheer’s family did not allow anyone to hold a procession. When we visited Deepak’s house his mother wept in front of us. We know their pain but we do not understand why Deepak was murdered? What is the reason behind the murder and who is behind it? We need to stop another such incident occurring in the district. Those who delivering inciting speeches should be arrested.”

Religious head from Juma Masjid Kuloor Basheer Madani speaking on the occasion said, “One day we all should die, no one is permanent in this world. Allah said that those who harm you, you should forgive them. Our brothers Basheer and Deepak were killed. We need to forgive those who killed them because both Basheer and Deepak are martyrs. Some leaders do politics on dead bodies and some think of constructing palaces on the coffins of the dead. I know Basheer well, he did not harm anyone, instead, he helped those who came to him seeking help.”

Religious head S P Mohammed Dharimi from Puttur speaking on the occasion said, “Today we have organized the condolence meet and today it should be the last condolence meet in the district. After independence, we thought there will not be any murders but Nathuram Godse inaugurated the murder by killing Mahatma Gandhi since then there have been murders in our country. We cannot control the mad dog, the only solution is to stone it. People of DK do not want violence but want peace and harmony. In the coming days, we should invite Swamijis, priests and Muslim religious heads for such programmes, so that the meet will be meaningful. India is not only for Hindus but those who are born in this country are the citizens of India. We all are humans first and our religion comes next. We need to be human by understanding the 3 facts of relationship, they are, relationship with Allah, Human being and the Holy book. We need to strengthen the human relationship. Some people want cows and dead bodies so that they can make money and spend for elections. In India Muslims are not safe, the secular parties should provide safety for the Muslims. Today I conclude by saying that Basheer and Deepak families are in pain, let their tears be a curse for those who are responsible for their death.”

PFI state General Secretary Yaseir Hassan said, “After the independence, there were 35,000 communal acts of violence and more than 10 lakh people died and the Sangh Parivar is responsible for all the acts of violence. After the freedom fight, 27,000 Ulamas have been killed. After Modi became the prime minister, he is misusing power and hunting Muslims. In 75 years of Independence, the Muslim community has been made the most backward community. We have been neglected, the BJP and RSS are dividing the country in the name of Hindutva and not allowing secular parties to be closer to Muslims. Secular parties have failed to expose the politics on dead bodies by the BJP.”

Yaseer Hassan further said, “If a Muslim youth will be murdered no one comes to his house to console his family. To kill Deepak the Sangh Parivar used Muslim youth so that they can target the Muslim community. Shobha Karandlaje had prepared a list of dead persons but the list contained most of the cases of suicide and accidental death. Lies are their main agenda. When Shobha Karandlaje submitted the list, the Congres government failed to investigate it.”

Advocate Dinesh Ulipady, Kanachur Monu and others also spoke on the occasion. Haneef Khan Kodaje, Suhail Kandak, Basheer’s son Irfan, Shafi Bellare, Nawaz Ullal, Ataulla Jokatte, Rasheed Haji and others were also present.

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