Murder tally goes up in Bengaluru, sudden provocation, affairs, love intrigue main causes

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Murder tally goes up in Bengaluru, sudden provocation, affairs, love intrigue main causes

Bengaluru:  The murder tally in Bengaluru has gone up with with 207 cases of the crime being reported in 2023 against 173 in 2022 and 153 in 2021, as per the city policy.

Sudden and grave provocation led to most of the murders, at 49, and illegal affairs were the second-most frequent cause, at 32, and 14 murders were committed against the backdrop of love intrigue, as per the comparative statement of motive for murders released by Bengaluru City Police.

Four murders occurred due to conflict in live-in relationships.

Previous enmity (31), ‘rowdy’ murders (7), for gain (2), dowry-related (2), domestic problems (31), disputes over loans/money (17), property disputes (4) were the other triggers for murder and “other reasons” accounted for the remaining 14.

As per the police, 36 cases of dacoity, 673 cases of robbery, 153 cases of chain snatching, and 5,909 cases of motor vehicle thefts were also reported in 2023.

Of the total 1,189 kidnapping cases reported last year, 981 persons were rescued. A total of 342 boys were kidnapped and 66 remain undetected, while 780 girls were kidnapped and 112 of them are yet to be traced.

A total of 48 men and 19 women were kidnapped in Bengaluru and police detected 22 and 15 of them, respectively while 30 remain untraced.

As many as 631 cases of crimes against children were reported in Bengaluru in the previous year. Of them, 560 cases were under the Pocso Act, 6 under the Child Marriage Restraint Act, and 40 cases were booked under the Juvenile Justice Act.

As many as 11 cases of concealment of birth by secret disposal of a child (Section 318 IPC) were reported and none of the cases were detected.

Among 560 cases under the Pocso Act, 538 were detected.

A total of 17,623 cases of cybercrimes have been reported in Bengaluru and 14,285 have been detected. The number of reported cybercrimes in 2022 was 9,940 and 6,422 in 2021.

Total number of suicides reported in the city stood at 2,358, against 2,299 cases in 2022 and 2,292 in 2021. Out of them 1,466 males and 574 females ended life by hanging.

As many as 3,490 persons lost their lives in accidental cases of death this year.

The Bengaluru cops have detected 3,443 cases of drugs and seized 5,387 kg of narcotic substances, while 4,399 arrests were made. The value of seized drugs was Rs 103.22 crores.

As per the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) report, 247 foreign nationals were deported, while 126 foreigners were arrested and 92 cases were registered against foreign nationals for involvement in crime.

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