Muscat Mogaveers and Oman Billawas lift ‘Dr Shekar Salian Memorial Cup 2018’

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Muscat Mogaveers and Oman Billawas lift ‘Dr Shekar Salian Memorial Cup 2018’

  • “Namma matha vonje appe na jokulu” (We are all children of one family)
    This was a blessing given by our beloved founder late Dr Shekar Salian.

Muscat: To make this great feeling a reality on the auspicious day April 6, the enthusiastic and energetic Muscat Mogaveers Koota (MMK) successfully organized and conducted a fun-filled sports event, “Dr Shekar Salian Memorial Cup 2018” with men’s volleyball and women’s throwball matches. The event was conducted in the fond memory of the beloved founder member, mentor and advisor of Muscat Mogaveers, late Dr Salian.

Dr Shekar Salain, who is popularly known as the “Doctor uncle”, was not only well-known amidst the Mogaveera community, but was also a well-known personality around all sections of the society, in and around Muscat, for his unconditional social service through his medical practice.

The very energetic and enthusiastic Executive Committee members consisting of Shashi Puthran (President), Ramanand Kunder (Vice President), Shankar Kotian (Vice President), Padmakar Mendon, Sujatha Kunder, Aarathi Kanchan, Sahana Girish, Shesh Kanchan, Sudeep Salian, Lokanath Puthran, Shivaram Kanchan, Yashwant Mendon and Sandesh Kotian oversaw the event. The event was packed for the matches.

The efforts of the committee members, their month-long hard work and coordination were very much reflected during the entire event. The enthusiastic team of the Executive Committee members were scintillating in conducting all the events efficiently.

The event proceedings were conducted by the Master of Ceremony Vandana Padmakar Mendon, who rendered a prolific welcome speech to the entire Mangalorean community that created a flavour and effervescence of one family under one roof spreading around the stadium and all the Tuluva community gathered there shared the same feeling. The MC not only remembered the achievements of Dr. Shekar Salian but also collectively made an assurance to continue Dr. Salian’s legacy of One family under one roof.

The Muscat Mogaveers Committee also welcomed an esteemed panel of eminent personalities from the Mangalorean community as guests, including the founder members and senior members of Muscat Mogaveers Koota. The eminent panel guests for the event where: Majid Al Wahaibi – General Secretary Muscat Sports club, Shashidar Shetty – Managing Director Abeer group, S K Poojary – Managing Director Red Rose Furnishing, Manjunath Nayak – Group Finance Head Special Technical Services LLC, Dr Anchan CK-Founder & MD World Wide Business House LLC, Leela Shekar Salian, Prakash Naik – Founder and senior member of MMK, Sudhakar Karkera – Former committee & Senior member MMK.

The guests were felicitated by senior members of MMK – Ashish Amin, Purandar Kidiyoor, Dhananjay Mendon and Devanand Amin. Muscat Mogaveers President Shashi Puthran addressed the gathering and then all the guests conveyed their appreciation and best wishes for the event.

The event was inaugurated along with the curtain raiser by Majid Al Wahaibi. The guests of honour unveiled the Dr Shekar Salian Cup 2018, following which the panel was introduced to the teams. The first game began by 9 am with the following teams participating: The Warriors of Bunts Oman, The Rocking MCCP, The Daredevils of Oman Billawas, The Enthusiastic Beary’s Muscat, The Ambitious Vishwakarma Muscat and The Courageous Muscat Mogaveers.

All the Tuluva community teams were glittering with different jerseys, spreading the message of One family under one roof. All teams had experience with seasonal players, who displayed their extreme talents during all the matches of both volleyball and throwball.

The Executive Committee members and an energetic MMK volunteer team conducted the entire sports event efficiently and smoothly. The gathered Mangalorean community witnessed Top-class Volleyball and Throwball matches, creating an electrifying environment in the entire stadium.

The finals were nail-biting, with Muscat Mogaveers emerging as winners and MCCP as Runners in the Men’s Volleyball while Oman Billawas emerged as Winners and Muscat Mogaveers as Runners in the Women’s Throwball match. All the teams were equally cheered for and supported during the entire event again depicting the unity and togetherness of the community.

The main attraction of the event was the delicious and mouth-watering Tuluva breakfast arranged by the members. The flavour of the tradition of our motherland and blessings of our elders was the reflection which we all experienced in the food and its display. Famous Mangalorean delicacies were the center of attraction for lunch, igniting memories of the homeland, of childhood days with elders and family members. The lunch stall was arranged by Mughal Darbar Restaurant. The Evergreen Evening snack of the Tuluva community (Golibage) was also one of the attractions to all the gathered community members, which was sponsored by Udupi Home restaurant.

After both finals, an exciting and energy packed closing ceremony was conducted by Shesh Kanchan. Though the entire gathered community members were a bit exhausted after a long day and in the late evening, the energy and the rendering of the Master of Ceremony created the same flavour as the morning session.

The Executive Committee members welcomed the Chief Guest of the evening by presenting a floral bouquet to Dr Satish Nambiar, the Honorable Chairman of the Indian Social Club Muscat.

The Chief Guest praised the entire Tuluva community for their efforts and also wholeheartedly appreciated the efforts of the Muscat Mogaveers to conduct such an event for Dr Shekar Salian, as he was a close associate of Dr Shekar Salian. The master of Ceremony announced the presentation of mementoes by the Chief Guest to all the Match Referees and event supporters.

Beautiful trophies were presented for all the winners of the Dr Shekar Salian Memorial Cup 2018. A raffle draw was also conducted for the players at the end of the program with some very exciting prizes sponsored by Crowne Plaza Sohar.

The MC then announced the conclusion of the event with a heart filled vote of thanks to all who extended their unconditional support to make the event a grand success. A special thank you was extended from the MMK committee members to the entire Tuluva community, who gathered around for the event with their enthusiasm and support.

It was more an event of interaction, moral support and motivation than a competition. All the team events were cheered by all the participants and it reflected the unity and strength of our community. To conclude, it was an event filled with energy, motivation and unity and all the Tuluva community members dispersed with an assurance of meeting each other once again, filled with the hope of success, not only to themselves but also to the entire Mangalorean/Tuluva community.

The Muscat Mogaveers Executive Committee is sincerely thankful for all the unconditional support, advise and motivation given by all the below well-wishers: Girish Kanchan, Ramanand Shetty, Sudhir Shetty, Arun Poojary, Rajesh Shetty, Ashok Suvarna, Hemanth Shanbagh, Muscat Sports Club, Crowne Plaza Sohar, Sweets of Oman, Foto Flash, Oman Oasis water, Badr Al Sama, Udupi Home, Mughal Darbar and Muscat Pharmacy.

Report: Lokanath Puthran
Pics: Hemanth & Dixith Kotian

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