Muslims, Christians exploiting Sabarimala devotees: Sri Ram Sena founder

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Muslims, Christians exploiting Sabarimala devotees: Sri Ram Sena founder

Bengaluru: Sri Rama Sena President Pramod Muthalik on Saturday said that Muslims and Christians are exploiting the devotees of the Sabarimala temple.

“Ours is a spiritual country with many temples and pilgrimage centres across the nation. The Ayyappa temple in South India is as famous as Tirupati Venkateswara. About five crore devotees from six states visit the temple,” Muthalik told media persons.

He said that the Ayyappa temple generates more than Rs 3,000 crore in revenue.

“One crore vehicles will park, and each vehicle will be charged Rs 40. From all sources, the revenues will cross Rs 3,000 crore,” he said.

He said that Kerala state has an atheist government that doesn’t believe in God.

“’The revenue of the temple is used for its convenience. The facilities for the convenience of five crore devotees of Sabarimala are not provided. The government is threatening the management of the temple,” Muthalik said.

He said that Karnataka should extend its support to the Sabarimala devotees in Kerala.

He said that the Karnataka government should hold talks with the Kerala government and ensure facilities for devotees.

“Thousands of crores in revenues must be utilised for the benefit of devotees. The free food distribution program should be resumed as before,” he demanded.

He said that Hindu organisations used to make arrangements for Anna Prasadam (free food distribution) for devotees, but it was banned and handed over to the police department.

“Following the move, many devotees are not getting Prasadam. We are requesting the temple management to rectify the system of distributing Anna Prasadam to devotees,” he said.

He said that the water availability and bathroom facilities have to be provided to devotees.

“The earlier parking system should also be brought back,” he said.

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