Muslims in Udupi Demand Withdrawal of Citizenship Amendment Bill

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Muslims in Udupi Demand Withdrawal of Citizenship Amendment Bill

Udupi: The Muslim community of Udupi district staged a silent protest in their Mosque premises across the district against the Citizenship Amendment Bill on Friday, December 13.

Muslims gathered at their respective Mosques after the Friday Namaz and demanded to revoke the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Addressing the gathering at the Udupi Jamia Mosque, Yaseen Malpe president of Muslim Okkuta said, “The Citizenship Amendment Bill will decide on the secularism between the people of the nation. This controversial bill will create a division in the country. The union government is trying to divide the country on the basis of language, caste and religion. The Government is trying to ruin the country and its reputation which was earned by the freedom fighters by sacrificing their lives. This bill is against the sovereignty and integrity of the country. The Muslim community will hold protests across the nation in different ways to demand the government to withdraw the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill”.

Moulana Rashdi said that the bill will damage, fundamentally and irreparably, the nature of the Indian republic. This is why we demand that the government withdraw the bill. This is why we demand that the government not betray the Constitution. We call on all people of conscience to insist that the Constitutional commitment to an equal and secular citizenry be honoured.

Mohammed Mowla, Yaseen Sayyad, Hussain Kodibengre, Salavuddin, Nisar Uppinkote, Yaseen Kodibengre, Nazir Ambagilu and others were present.

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Henry James
4 years ago

How exactly does the CAB affect the people mentioned in this article? Are they so concerned about discrimination lately? The CAB issue is not about the Muslims in general, it is not about the Muslims in India either, instead it’s about a couple of neighbouring countries whose ideology happens to be associated with what the Muslims in general which they believe in, some of which has taken extremely radical form in the last few decades to an extent of destroying anything and everything which they think is not “halal”. There is no easy answer to this CAB imbroglio – while… Read more »