My focus is on my new venture: Aashka

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My focus is on my new venture: Aashka

New Delhi, May 25 (IANS) Actress Aashka Goradia says she is focussed on her latest venture, Renee by Aashka, but the “Naagin” actress is also keen on doing an action-packed role in a TV show.

“My focus is definitely on my new venture now but I want to do an action-packed role on television. My body, my mind and my acting skills are ready and aching to be a part of an action series irrespective of the platform.

“I have done historical, mythological, I have played a girl next door and also a vamp, I have done it all,” the “Kkusum” actress told IANS.

She has been working on Renee by Aashka for a while now, but she said she hasn’t given up acting.

“I haven’t quit acting, not happening anytime soon. It was always a dream to start something of my own but it took some time to figure, it had to be something I’m passionate about to have my heart and mind in place,” she said.

“This (acting) industry introduced me to make-up and I fancied the art. This brand is my baby. When you are starting out, there are many risks you take, an effort to stand out of the clutter…patience as everything takes longer than planned. But in the end, it is the most satisfying job and you get a good night’s sleep.”

She wants to work on newer products.

“Introducing reusable 3D double stitched lashes is a very new concept for the Indian market so it’s a whole new game altogether,” said Aashka.

Apart from her new venture, she is also in the news for having a fit life and working out with her husband Brent Goble.

“My husband is currently pursuing a degree in yoga and will be a certified trainer in four months once he completes his 900 hours of training. He has his heart, mind, soul and focus preparing to live a yogic life and once he acquires a degree that is internationally acclaimed, he will begin his practice,” she said.

On her life after her wedding last year, she said: “It’s changed in ways more than one. Earlier, I would keep engaging my energies to get things done but since Brent has been in my life, it’s been a smooth journey. I know he’s around to help me. I always have his back which keeps me going. You know the push that one needs.”

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