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 Mangaluru: Music is my life. Without music I would not be able to live. Music makes me feel relaxed, and when we feel bored we hear music. Here is a story based on my life. When I was an infant my parents used to play music to make me fall asleep, and from there my music story begins. When I was four years old I started singing. My singing impressed my parents and my family members. They felt that I was talented at singing. My parents encouraged me a lot into the field of singing. I too loved the talent of my singing, so I started practicing singing at home. Once I attended a singing competition, I passed till the semi-finals, but I failed to pass in the finals.

I regretted my loss. I enjoyed singing a lot. When I turned nine, I saw a beautiful instrument that attracted my mind. I found this instrument interesting . And who can guess what was that interesting instrument? Yes, you guessed it right, it was VIOLIN. I requested my parents to put me for violin classes but my father said that my talent was singing. But looking at my sad face, he agreed. Finally the day arrived (the first day of my violin class). I had always longed for this moment, though it was not easy to hold the violin. I even loved the tune it produced – so charming, relaxing and soothing. My teacher said that I should answer the first grade exam.

I worked very hard and my result turned out to be a merit. I did not feel sad as it was my first time answering a violin grade exam .Instead I took a challenge, the next time and kept my pride as a distinction. I was the happiest person which included my parents, brother and family. I was also happy that I achieved my dreams. Even today I am attending the online singing class. I love my life and I’m making the best use of my time to become a good singer as well as a great violinist. I even encourage other people who are reading this story to not waste their time. I am following my father’s way of living, a systematic way of living. He has taught me to live a systematic life.

Shinelle seen with her younger brother, Elric while vacationing in Thailand

Thanks to my mother and brother who are supporting me in everything I do. Thanks to my grandparents ,uncles, aunts and all the people who have taught me several things to improve my life. I would encourage all children and parents to make best use of their talents. If anyone has the talent of cooking, try cooking different dishes. (My next article will be on my cooking hobby, that I recently started being home during the pandemic) Now that everyone is at home, most of the family members might be with you . Make a new dish and tell them to give the points. If anyone has the talent of singing, record a song and make your own channel. I have decided to make the best use of my talent.


About Author :

Miss Shinelle D’silva, aged 13 years, a VIII th standard student at Mount Carmel Central School, Mary Hill, Mangaluru. She is the daughter of Roshan D’silva, employed in Kuwait, and Mrs Nirmala, who owns a cosmetic shop in Mangaluru. She has a younger brother, Elric studying in 4th standard, also at Mount Carmel, Central School. Shinelle’s hobbies are Music, Singing, Reading Books and Travelling.

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  1. Dear Shinelle, Very well-written. Watching you grow up so well under the guidance of your parents and grandparents is a pleasure to see. God bless you abundantly in all your future endeavours. God bless your family too.

  2. Dear Shinelle, we have enjoyed listening to you play always..
    Well done,!! You are muti talented..

  3. Dearest Shinnele, Congratulations on your, first article, in electronic social media. Beautifull and very informative for your age. I find in you a lot of potential. Explore them. You have a wonderful parents to guide and encourage you.
    We wish you all the best in your future.
    With blessings,

    Uncle Dolphy and Lilly Aunty

  4. Dear Shinelle
    As you cherish the fruits of your hard work, I wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do. Today and always… congratulations

  5. Congratulations Shinelle on your first article. Very well written and looking forward to see more articles in the coming days. All the best.

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