Mysuru: Filmi-style Dacoity in Shirdi Train by Gang – Passengers Lose Rs 20 Lakh

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Mysuru: Passengers who travelled from Shirdi in Maharastra to Mysuru on Tuesday had some harrowing experiences to narrate.

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A gang of dacoits had reportedly got into the train under the guise of normal passengers. Around 12-30 past midnight, between Ahmednagar and Belapur, the men who had covered their faces robbed all the passengers in reservation

compartments by holding out threat. Those in AC coaches and general coaches were left untouched.

The entire operation lasted less than 15 minutes. The robbers had got the train stopped by pulling the emergency chain. The passengers were puzzled by the sudden stoppage of the train. But before they could realize what had happened, they were taken unawares by the robbers.

The total loot is said to be in excess of Rs 20 lakh. The passengers contacted the railway authorities. The train was then stopped at Sholapur. The deputy commissioner arrived at the station and assured action in the matter.

Since the robbers snatched all the cash the passengers had on then, they were left penniless. Around 3-30 am, the train arrived at Bagalkot station. The Maheshwari Seva Samiti of the Marwari community there arranged for breakfast for all of them. Youngsters came with hundreds of sachets of water and biscuits and distributed among the robbery

Harish Agarwal, who runs a canteen at the station, provided them with free ‘palav’. The passengers said that even in the middle of distress, such persons brought cheer on their faces.

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