Mysuru: ‘State Govt Trampling upon Brahmins,’ Says Community Head

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Mysuru: In a hard-hitting verbal salvo, Akhila Karnataka Brahmin Mahasabha president Dr B L V Subrahmanya, accused that the state government, which had come to power with assurances of equitable treatment towards all communities, was singling out Brahmins and trampling upon them.

He was speaking at a meeting of senior citizens from the community held under the aegis of Sandhya Suraksha Trust and the Karnataka Brahmin Senior Citizens’ Forum in Govinda Rao Memorial Hall in the city on Saturday.

He said that Brahmins had been living in the country and they had made sacrifices all through the past. They had also taken part in the freedom movement. Hence they deserved their rightful and legitimate share in status and benefits. He gave a call to every Brahmin to join in demanding it collectively.

Awards instituted in the names of illustrious members of the community were presented to recepients as follows.

Atal Behari Vajpayee (former PM) award: to Justice (retired) Rama Jois
Harnahalli Ramaswamy (former minister) award: to Dr K S Narayana Swamy
R Gundu Rao (former chief minister) award: to former mayor R G Narasimhaiah
Shakuntala Devi (human computer) award: Dr Geeta Avadhani

Those present on the occasion included Varalakshmi Gundu Rao, Dr Bhanuprakash Sharma, former minister S A Ramdas, MLC Go Madhusudan, former advocate general Ashok Harnahalli and many others.

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