National Highway 75 Struggle Committee- Nelliyadi to Protest & Block Road on 10 Oct

National Highway 75 Struggle Committee- Nelliyadi to Protest & Block Road on 10 Oct

 Mangaluru : addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangaluru Press Club, Fr Varghese K- the President of NH 75 Struggle Committee-Nelliyady said, “We, the members of the National Highway 75 struggle committee representing all the stakeholders, wish to draw your kind attention to the pathetic plight of the aforementioned stretch of the road and the apathy of the concerned. It has been over three years since the central government granted approval for converting the stretch of the road into a four- lane one. Rs 821 crore had been sanctioned for this project in 2017, but sadly only 10% of the work has been completed by Larsen and Toubro who were assigned the work. The NHAI completed the formalities such as acquiring the land, invitations to bid and assigning the project. L & T Company succeeded in taking over the project”.

“The work took-off soon, but the preparation to forge ahead appears very poor. Earth movers were pressed into service for leveling and widening. In the process a large chunk of the existing asphalted road was subsumed. Intensive traffic mobility on the disfigured road
created pot holes and puddles. The advent of monsoon led to the stream of slushy water to flow on the remnants of the road and it became unfit for vehicular movement. The gigantic puddles are waiting to consume the motorists and the pedestrians. Accidents became common place” added Fr Varghese.

Fr Varghese further said, “Loss of life and property became a norm. Students, Patients, old and infirm and the public at large were heavily inconvenienced. As misery multiplied and woes got heaped on the stake holders, feelers were repeatedly sent to the contractors and
the company. But to no avail. Those who should be accountable turned insensitive and unresponsive to the woes and tribulations of the people. Now, moving on this stretch of the road will be a life threatening experience- that too in this age of cutting – edge technology and sophisticated workmanship. It is said that past colours the future but in this case the present shadows the future”.

Speaking also during the press meet, Fr Adarsh Joseph- Executive member of the Committee said,We, the people and the voluntary organizations wish to draw your attention to the information available to us suggests that the road work should get over by September 2019 as per the contract terms. But the signals are not visible on the horizon. The criminal delay in the project work as threatening the life and property of the common people either sides of the stretch. But the Central Government has promised redemption by expediting the tempo of the work. As the stretch of the road is of paramount, significance of smooth passage of vehicles should be unused forthwith. Otherwise, damage or loss turns large. For any untoward incident happening hereafter, the Central Government and the NHAI should assume responsibility”.

“With all humility we requested to concerned authorities to make necessary steps to solve the above said problem. But we have not received any respond from anyone else. Hence the National Highway – 75 Struggle Committee, Nellyady has unanimously decided to protest and block National Highway – 75 at Nellyady on 10th October 2019 at 10:00 A.M. We strongly demand that one of the authorities should come to the spot tomorrow at 10:00 O’Clock and should promise the gathering that the completion of road construction will be done on time. If no concerned officials show up by 10 am on 10 October by 10 am and give
their assurances of continuing the pending road work, we will go ahead with our plan of protest and road block. We expect around 3000-5000 from nearly 24 organizations to join in the protest. We also demand nothing, but to provide safe road and save life” added Fr Adarsh J

Dayananda Bantriyal-member of the Committee and former President of Nelliyadi Panchayat said, “Due to the pathetic condition of the road there have been many accidents, and taxis and auto-rickshaws are not willing to take the accident victims to the hospital due to the bad condition of the road. We warn the NHAI officials in case accident victims die they will be responsible for it. So they better start the work and complete the project before many more people are injured and even lose lives”

Jose K J-the secretary of the Committee was also present during the press meet.

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