National Integration splendor displayed at Alva’s Republic day celebration

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National Integration splendor displayed at Alva’s Republic day celebration

Moodubidire: The Republic Day celebrations are commemorated every year to honor the formation of the Indian constitution. As a part of this celebration, the Alva’s Educational Foundation organized a grand ceremony, which withstood more than 33000 audiences in the Vanajakshi K Shripathi Bhat amphitheater on Saturday at Puthige.

Patriotic fervency penetrated the atmosphere as students, embellished in the colors of the national flag, lined up at the venue with miniature flags in hand. The special attraction of the festivity was the presence of 300 ex-servicemen of the Indian army gathered to witness the proceedings with utmost pride and honour.

At the very outset, march past by more than 2200 NCC cadets from Bangalore, Mysore, Belagavi, Bellary and Mangalore groups, 400 Scouts, Guides, Rovers and Rangers marked the beginning with their swing and sharp uniforms displaying their pageant in a disciplined manner.

Students were dressed in t-shirts of colors of the national flag and were made to stand in such a way that the aerial glimpse resembled “India” in textual form.

Subsequently, the integration song ‘Koti Kantose’ was sung by the cultural team of Alva’s Education Foundation for which the amassed gathering waved the miniature flags in unison throughout the rendition of the song. The amalgamation of the audience was a feast to the eyes and soul which grappled everyone’s attention with an overwhelming feeling of nationalism.

After unfurling the national flag, Brigadier, D.M Purvimath, Visista Seva Medal, said, “We need to craft a modern India that is both a land of talent – and land of unlimited opportunities for that talented. So, it could be materialized and India will be the strongest country in the world, only when we all work together”.

“An innovative nation is built by innovative children. This must be an obsessive goal of all Institutions and our schooling system has to encourage our children to think and to tinker, not just to memorize and reproduce. In fact, children are the pillar of this country.” he said.

He added and said, a disciplined and morally upright nation is built by disciplined and morally upright institutions. Institutions should maintain the integrity, discipline and limits of their functioning, without compromising on excellence.

He further added, ‘We need to further improve the lives of our hardworking farmers, modernize and strengthen our strategic manufacturing sector, provide the valiant personnel of our armed forces, equipments to police and paramilitary forces, need to move ahead rapidly on the Sustainable development goals -that commit us to eliminating poverty and hunger, to universal access to quality education and healthcare, and to giving our daughters equal opportunity in every field’.

Alva’s Education Foundation Chairman Dr M Mohan Alva, Trustee Vivek Alva, Vinay Alva, Hana Vinay Alva, Meenakshi Jaykar Alva and others present on the occasion.

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