Need to Be Prepared for Future Water Crisis – Ivan

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Need to Be Prepared for Future Water Crisis – MLC Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza held a press meet at his office in the MCC premises, Lalbagh here, on May 9.

Addressing the mediapersons, Ivan said that there is water scarcity in the district and people especially in the city are facing acute water shortage. The district administration is supplying water to Suratkal, Ullal and Bantwal through tankers. All possible measures have been taken by the district administration to solve the water crisis in the city.


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“On May 9, I met 10 builders and their association and requested them to identify the water sources and supply water using Syntex tanks or small tankers. Since water is very important to everyone, I have requested all the builders and their organizations to provide water to hostels of the backward classes, colleges and places where there is scarcity of water. The district administration should provide license to those who supply water. I have already requested and advised other organizations to assist during the present crisis by providing water, said Ivan.

The Thumbay dam now has 4.7 feet of water, enough to provide water for three days. If the water is provided once in every 3 days, then the availability can be extended to another 9 days. Ivan also said that dredging is in progress. There are plenty of water sources in the district and the public should join hands to tap this water.

He further said that the crisis could have been avoided but the lack of water management lies at the root of this problem. “We need to see that we are not faced with this problem in the future and take all the necessary measures. We have planned to form a committee consisting of Prof Vivek Rai, Advocate Dayanath Kotian, and Dr Madhyastha. A seminar will be organized to discuss the water crisis and to take measures to solve it. The committee will hold meetings with experts and send a report to the government. The CM has already said that he will order the preparation of a report on the Paschima Vahini project.”

Ivan also said that CM Siddaramaiah has submitted a memorandum to PM Narendra Modi to sanction a special grant of Rs 12,272 crore to tackle the drought in the state. In Karnataka, 30 districts are facing drought. DK, Udupi and Kodagu are not listed as drought affected districts. The CM should also add DK as a drought affected district and provide funds to tackle the situation. After Rajasthan, Karnataka is the second drought affected state and the prime minister should sanction Rs 12,272 crore to tackle the situation in the district.”

When asked whether the public should pay for the tankers, Ivan said, “No charges should be paid, they should provide water free of cost and the MCC will pay for it.”
When asked whether the water which is supplied through tankers is being tested, Ivan said only good drinking water will be supplied.

Commenting on the feasibility of setting up a desalination plant and providing clean water through it rather than spending a huge amount on the Yettinahole project, Ivan replied, “Since we have not taken any measures for rainwater harvesting, we need to do this first and also increase the ground water table.”

A question was also raised on taking steps to stop the Yettinahole project as the project effects everyone including the ministers and the government officials also knows the consequences of that the project could have, but Ivan did not respond to it.

When asked why DK has not been declared as a drought affected district, Ivan replied that there are certain criteria for any district to be declared as drought affected.

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  1. ‘Need to be prepared for future water crisis’ ???
    No kidding!! LOL
    I love how these ‘leaders’ act as if they weren’t aware of the problem and issue these lame statements. The ‘issue’ didn’t start this year. Mark my words – everyone including ‘smaart’ people of mangalooru wll forget about the water crisis as soon as monsoon rains arrive.

    • And.. what happened in ‘kaliPhornia’ saaru? Aren’t you Warblers supposed to be ‘sooper-ismart’?

  2. Water shortage is affecting the city dwellers very badly. There could have been a crisis last year itself since the Thumbe dam was drying up in April month . However, fortunately there were good rains in April 2015 and problem evaporated by itself.
    That was a clear serious warning by nature to MCC officials and MLC s like Ivan and MLA LOBO!
    This year Thumbe started to deplete in the month of January itself because of below normal rains . But our elected representatives were sleeping over the problem till it reached very serious proportions.
    Was this deliberate? Why no action was taken to use the water prudently by elected officials till the arrival monsoon ?
    Every one knows that there is plenty of opportunity to earn some extra money in water tanker contracts over the misery of the citizens ! Wonder why citizens are not protesting against these officials who were instrumental in creating ” man made” crisis???
    Mangaloreans are pathetic in fighting for their rights!!

    • Mangu from JimbooLand,

      U aint making much sense like our Yumreeki Warbler called RamPanna.

      In 2015 you say rains were plentiful. BUT in 2016, you blame Lobo, bobo and Ivana. Are you ok?

  3. GEHOON business “CEO ” Is hurt — because I have blamed Ivan and Lobo for their failure- . Why so — you are also hand in glove with the system? If you read my post properly( I doubt whether you can read!! ) I have mentioned about rains last year April when there was a looming crisis,.

    I recommend LIV52 tablets for your severe jaundice! LOL.

    • Jobless Mangu from Robert Mugabe’s Mangoland,

      Are you drips – Tramadol, a bit of saline AND Pethidine inj and Patanjali Atta noodles force-fed…. from.. you know where? Get well soon. 🙂

    • “..because I have blamed Ivan & Lobo for their failure” – Joker No. 2 – Mangu

      By that warped ‘laaaajick’, YOU should BLAME Nendrakai Podi for the massive droughts across India. Well, it looks like you are in stiff competition with our Yumreeki Warbler called rampaNNA. Good going.

      What? Was your Yumreeki visa allegedly ‘rejected’ too? 😉 😉

  4. Does anyone know why joker Praveena Pinto failed to secure a job at Pilikula zoo ? Is it because he has a challenge staying on subject? smiles…

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