New Cardiac Procedure Grants New Lease of life to Elderly Patient by Team of Fr Mullers Doctors

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New Cardiac Procedure Grants New Lease of Life to Elderly Patient by Team of Fr Mullers Doctors

Mangaluru: The team of Doctors of Dept. of Cardiology Fr. Muller Medical College Hospital has granted a New lease of Life to an Elderly patient aged 61 years from Mangaluru. They achieved a milestone by performing TAVR/ TAVI (Trans Catheter Aortic Valve Replacement / Implantation)—a new technologically advanced procedure in Cardiology.

In this successful minimally invasive life-saving procedure, the damaged valve is replaced by a new artificial Bio Valve inserted through a small tube from the thigh of the patient by a keyhole procedure. The procedure involved about 2 hours and the patient is out of the ICU within 6 hours and is discharged within 4 days fully recovered.

Interventional cardiologist Prof. Dr Pradeep Pereira revealed that the hospital is keeping pace with the emerging trends and technology in the healthcare sector and it is performed on elderly patients where conventional complicated open heart surgery is not advisable due to high risk. Under these circumstances, TAVI became a boon to such patients. Chief Interventional Cardiologist Dr Prabhakar informed that the advantages of the procedure are avoiding a major open heart surgery and comparable results to surgery and faster recovery further the valve can be replaced even after 10 years he added.

The team of Doctors consisted of Interventional Cardiologist Prof. Dr Pradeep Pereira, Dr Prabhakar, Dr Jostol Pinto, The cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Anand K.T., and cardiac Anesthetist Dr Chetana Anand.

The Dept. of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery at Fr Muller Medical College and Hospital are performing all major cardiac procedures with round-the-clock emergency facilities with high success rates. The Director of FMCI Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho congratulated the team of Doctors for their unique achievements.

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