New Challenges for London ‘Chelsea’

New Challenges for London ‘Chelsea’

After winning the Champion title in the 2016/17 season, it was expected that “Chelsea” would repeat its success. Instead of this, the team reached only the 5th line and didn’t enter the Champions League.

The last seasons for “aristocrats” resembled the real roller coaster. See for yourself: they became champions in 2015 but reached the record lowest 10th line in 2016. In 2017, the team triumphed in the EPL again and in 2018 reached only the 5th line. This definitely doesn’t fit in with the club and Roman Abramovich’s ambitions.

“Chelsea” is a club that is always ready to reach the 1st lines. The victory in 2017 became possible primarily due to the fact that the club hasn’t played in the Champions League. The players concentrated only on the domestic championship when they left no room for the rivals. However, they haven’t achieved this and it was clear that many leaders were frankly tired for winter.

Expensive transfers weren’t useful too. So, Bakayoko and Morata were included into the team of the failures of the year and didn’t meet the expectations. Many specialists think that main coach Antonio Conte was in conflict with some players and they refused to follow the Spanish coach’s instructions.

Forecasts for the Future Season

The team’s future seems quite obscure. Now, the livescore soccer becomes a more breathtaking spectacle. If they hadn’t won the English Cup this year, the season would have been called a failure. Now, it’s still not known whether Conte will stay at the helm, as it’s rumored that he’s in conflict with Abramovich. A lot of positions need to be strengthened, so it is supposed that “Chelsea” will become an active player on the transfer market.

The “pensioners” will achieve success thanks to:
· their good squad;
· lack of their workload in European Championships;
· Conte’s coaching decisions.
Despite the problems experienced, the team will be one of the main favorites in the future season. On the international arena, the club can present a half-reserve squad, as it’s obvious that this will be enough at the early stages of the Europa League. In the future, the team needs a more literate approach to achieve success in the English Premier League, as fans just won’t forgive the team for a new season of failures.

Thus, “Chelsea” is gradually entering an era of changes, so, let’s see how this will impact its results.