New Jersey: Mangalorean Catholic Association – EC, USA Holds Annual Picnic 2015

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USA: The Mangalorean Catholic Association-East Coast, USA had its annual picnic in Bridgewater, New Jersey on June 6th, 2015. The weather was perfect for an annual picnic with several families from nearby states like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania attended the picnic. The picnic saw a gathering of proud Mangaloreans at a beautiful park in Somerset County with their families, proud to be Mangaloreans in USA – the land of opportunity. It aims to preserve the essence of our identity, our mother-tongue – ‘Our Konkani’ by Connecting People and Promoting Culture.

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Kids, Adults and seniors of all ages came out in full support for the association with a smile on their face. They enjoyed Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket and several games for each age group. This year we had a karaoke Music and got to see the singing talent of few of the Mangaloreans. They interacted with each other, participated in games and made new friends and enjoyed a fun filled day under the sun. Every child received a trophy or a memento for participating in their respective age category games. The picnic was a huge success primarily due to volunteers, ex-board members, association members and non-members support to the MCA-EC Board. Everyone got together and helped each other to make this event a grand success and it speaks volumes of the togetherness in this association.

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Outgoing President Roshan D’Mello thanked all attendees, participants, volunteers and was humble in thanking his board members Michelle Fernandes (VP- Programs), Gladson Cardoza ( VP – Public Relations & Membership), Naveen Sequeira ( VP – Regional Coordinator) and Harry Pinto ( VP Treasury and Secretary).

The new board was welcomed and introduced to the MCA-EC members present during the event. The new board will now comprise of Mark Lancy Mendonca – President, Dylon D’Souza – VP Public Relations & Membership, Arine Aranha – VP Programs, Paul Quadras – VP-Regional Coordinator and Rodney Quadros – Secretary and VP-Treasury.

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Overall the MCA-EC 2015 Picnic was a huge success. It was a great day with Mangaloreans in high spirits, young and old coming together bringing out their best, competing in true sportsman spirit and having fun.

Below is the list of picnic contests and game winner details.

Age 3 -4 years

1. Bucket & Balls — Maia Lewis & Ashton
2. Hoop the Ring — Ashton & Joshua Lewis
3. Musical Hula Hoop – Aston & Joshua Lewis

Age 5 – 8 years

1. Hula Hoop run — Shannon D’Cunha, Kiera D’Souza & Kristen
2. 3 legged race – Shannon D’Cunha, Kiera D’Souza, Dale D’Cunha, Shawn D’Mello
3. Sponge Relay – Aaron D’Souza, Shannon D’Cunha, Mathew Pinto, Jaden, Dale D’Cunha

Age 9 – 12 years

1. Left and Right Sack pop – Abigail Soares, Liston, Carolyn Aranha, Melanie Mendonca, Siddhanth
2. Passing the bangle – Kevin Fernandes, Venora Furtado, Sharon, Amelia D’Souza, Tasha Pais
3. Skin the Snake – Miguel Mascarenhas, Luke Menezes, Aaron Lewis, Jiselle D’Souza, Clarissa Furtado
4. Sack Race – Miguel Mascarenhas, Tasha Pais, Melody Pinto

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Age 13 – 18 years

1. Slippery Soap Relay – Jonathan Pinto & Vinuth Furtado, Abby D’Mello & Meldon Mendonca
2. Sack Race – Jonathan Pinto, Meldon Mendonca, Abby D’Mello
3. Chana & Straw – Orran Mendonca, Jonathan Pinto


1. Passing the balloon – Priya D’Mello, Audrey Rodrigues, Melwin Mendonca, Derrick Aranha, Arun Menezes, Grace Barreto, Nancy Castelino, Dilip Lewis, Deog Aranha, Marian Rodrigues

2. Relay – 1st .Marian Rodrigues, Avis D’Souza, Melvin Mendonca, Arun Menezes, Seema Dubey, Devendra Rai

2nd .Roshan Lewis, Anitha Soares, Sanjay Gonsalves, Naveen Sequeira, Rodney Quadros, Aravind

3. Throw ball – Audrey Rodrigues, Olivia Vaz, Anita Pinto, Anita Soares, Saritha Pinto, Sunitha Rego, Vanitha Furtado, Arlene D’Cunha, Movin D’Souza, Rowena D’Souza, Anitha Fernandes


1. Marble & Spoon – Bob Vaz, Anthony Fernandes
2. Life Saver – Tara Fernandes, Lucy Aranha
3. Musical arms – Apoline D’Souza, Florina Pias, John Fernandes

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    Thousands of Miles away from India, Mangaloreans divided by religion.
    Why do you need an association based on Religion. Catholic association? Hindu Sabha? Muslim Community? Why why why.

    Cant we have just a Mangalorean association…. Time to unite

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