New Tiatr ‘Vavank Chuklear Ganvank Chukta’ in Kuwait on Sept 28

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New Tiatr ‘Vavank Chuklear Ganvank Chukta’ in Kuwait on Sept 28

Kuwait: Konkani dramas and musical shows in Kuwait are few and far between, but they are definitely staged with the same love, vigor and passion as they are staged in Goa.

There may be loads of difficulties to organize a show in Kuwait but hard-working and enthusiastic directors manage to stage their shows nonetheless, thereby keeping the flag of Konkani flying high.

Domnic Fernandes, a well-known director in Kuwait, has done yeomen service towards Konkani language and drama over the years. Under the banner of KKM (Kuwait Konknni Mogi), Domnic is set to stage his latest tiatr ‘VAVANK CHUKLEAR GANVANK CHUKTA’ at SIMS School, Salmiya, Friday 28th Sept 2018 at 4.45 pm.

The show, 7th annual event of KKM, is supported by a number of well-wishers and lovers of Konkani art in Kuwait.

KKM’s earlier shows have been well accepted by Kuwait public, expectations are high for another great show.

VAVANK CHUKLEAR GANVANK CHUKTA consists of a number of stars from Goa, UK and Kuwait.


Saby de Divar
Comedian Sally
Joao de Zuari (UK)
Agnelo Valentino Lobo
Comedian Delfino Neto
Cajiton de Cacora
Clayea Rodrigues
Querobina Carvalho (Majorda)
Baby Valentina Pinto
Baba Valentino Pinto
Adrina Azavedo
Aleria Azavedo
Lucy Aranha (Mangalore)
Gennifer Marshall (Verem)
Braz de Parra
Manu de Mandur
Zelia D’Souza (Calangute)
Esparansa (Sanquelim)
Agnelo D’Silva
Gaudencio Gomes
Agnelo Fernandes
Pitu Ferns
Gasper Crasto (Navelim)
Francis Correia (Bahrain)
G.R. Crasto (Bahrain)
Simon D’Silva (Qatar)
Gabby de Chandor (Dubai)
Agnello A.S Fernandes (Kuwait)
Bosco Leitao (Kuwait)
Carmo Santos (Kuwait)
Maestro Faustino Fernandes (Divar)
Roy Menezes (saxophone)
Tony Fernandes (drums) – Navelim
Shawn Rodrigues (Keyboards)
Flaviano Furtado (Bass Guitar)


Dominic Fernandes has an inbuilt passion for dramas, acting and singing. He began acting and directing dramas at a tender stage of 14 years with his first drama ‘Dothiche Axek Lagon’.

Domnic later went on to stage ‘Piso’, ‘Dukh’, ‘Posro’ (23 shows), etc, all over Goa.

Under DA Production, he also wrote and directed Carnival Khell for 5 consecutive years. He staged the first when he was just 17 years old in the late ‘80s, he also acted in Khell of Milagres de Ganapoga (Raia).

Grandson of the famous (San Joao), and born to Joao and Pedrinha, Domnic is happily married to Concy Cardozo and has 2 kids – Danisha Jewel and Chrisanne Pearl.

Domnic has been working in Kuwait since 2001 and is strongly involved in supporting church activities, Konkani language and drama.

The passionate director has travelled Bahrain and Dubai to sing in shows and remains one of the most popular personalities among Kuwaitkars, on facebook too.

His last show in Kuwait was a silver jubilee show of his drama ‘MAIM PAI TIM MAIM PAI’.

Domnic is president of the popular Kuwait Konknni Mogi (KKM), an organization enriching Konkani language and drama art among Goans for quite some years now.

The Goan Community in Kuwait wishes Shri Domnic all success for ‘VAVANK CHUKLEAR GANVANK CHUKTA’.

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