Nick Loeb sues former girlfriend Sofia Vergara

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Los Angeles, April 16 (IANS) Actress Sofia Vergara’s former boyfriend Nick Loeb has filed a lawsuit against her because she refused to preserve their IVF (in vitro fertilisation) embryos.

According to the lawsuit, Loeb wanted to preserve the embryos while Vergara didn’t agree to the preservation, reports

In 2013, the couple underwent IVF treatment which produced viable embryos from Loeb’s sperm and Vergara’s eggs. They planned to use a surrogate to implant the embryo, but the duo split before they could go ahead with the procedure.

An insider said Loeb’s feelings on the preservation of the fertilised eggs were tied to his political beliefs.

“He has been a Republican his entire life and has always believed that life begins at conception. Nick is very emotionally invested in these female embryos because he’s pro-life and believes life begins at conception,” said a source.

The lawsuit also claims that Vergara was “physically and mentally abusive”.

The petition alleges that “she punched him in the face on two occasions, kicked him, and threw her phone at his head. She also routinely bullied him, calling him a ‘loser’, ‘worthless’ and other degrading names”.

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