No Dream is Ever Chased Alone’- Get Ready for MITCL

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No Dream is Ever Chased Alone’- Get Ready for MITCL

No Dream is Ever Chased Alone’- Get Ready for Manipal Institute of Technology Cricket League (MITCL). Participating Teams are : Hurricanes, Ninjas, Pirates, Samurais, Wizards, and Titans

Manipal: Sports is an essential part of every curriculum. And with Cricket being the National favorite, it seems only appropriate to have a one-of-its-kind Cricket League which keeps the spirit alive in our enthusiastic players. Going by that theory, we decided to have a Cricket League, specially designed for the players who’ve grown up watching the sport, playing it but didn’t get a chance to foster this talent in college.


The name MIT Cricket League is self-explanatory. It aims to majorly repeat what the IPL has done to the Sporting Scene in Manipal. With the tremendous success of MITFL, cricket cannot be far behind. MITCL aims to be a semi-professional cricket league with a structure similar to international level cricket leagues. The dream of MITCL is to produce the next Ravichandran Ashwin, Anil Kumble and Kris Srikkanth- who are accomplished engineers, world-famous in the field of cricket.


The aim is to bridge the gap between the casual player and the professionals by allowing them to play together and promote sports as a lifestyle in a generation that is busy playing games on their smartphones. We wish to start a semi-professional league with the format like that of IPL, and in the process slowly transition into a phase where sports engineering and sports innovation exist.


The Cricket League will definitely bring about more visibility of Sporting events in College, help with the sponsorship for Revels cup and put MIT on the national map as the first engineering college with a semi- professional franchise league. It plays a veritable role in inculcating sports management, besides teamwork and hands-on experience of what goes on behind-the-scenes of organizing a league. Our students, who were mere cricket enthusiasts are now happily participating in a myriad of organization responsibilities, from fetching permissions to sponsorship, dividing teams, to deciding the rules and setting a framework of an incredibly large sample space of sports audience.


This league inculcates a feeling of belonging amongst supporters. It plans to be open to female players. It will give them a great opportunity in a country where females are still struggling to make an identity with sports. It plans to bring together people from all domains of the field and promote their growth. If we can produce a Rajiv Suri, who says we cannot produce the next Sachin Tendulkar?


Our Vision: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”.

The team envisions high quality matches being played not only during the day but also the night. We believe that the introduction of floodlights will add a new dimension to the Sporting culture of MIT. Someday I would love to come back and watch a day-night match in my old college. We believe that someday, SG, COSCO and other sporting companies might even come for placements.

Our team believes that someday, sports will be not just another form of recreation but a way of life. We envision the day that our matches will have an attendance of 1000 people. We believe that one day, MITCL will be big enough to have fan jerseys. And the joy of lifting the trophy will be echoed in the heart of every MITian. The joy of victory and the low of defeat resonated by everyone We believe that someday we will have girls playing as well as guys and captaining a squad.


Our Goals:

– To start a semi-professional league with a format like that of IPL.
– To bridge the gap between the casual player and the professionals by allowing them to play together.
– To promote sports as a lifestyle.
– To streamline the selection procedure for MIT Teams.
– To see MIT players playing in higher division leagues.
– To provide a platform for people to develop their skills and showcase them to the masses.
– To inculcate a knack for sports engineering and to provide an opportunity for sporting innovation.
– Maintain ground condition in the odd semester


– More visibility of Sporting events in the college.
– Possible increase in the sponsorship for Revels Cup and other sporting events.
– Will put MIT on the national map as the first engineering college with a semi-professional franchise league.
– Makes people fitter and elevates positivity.
– Trains people alongside the finest of MIT.
– Inculcate a sense of sports management.
– Provides an opportunity for sporting engineering and innovation.
– Inculcates a feeling of belonging amongst supporters.
– The league plans to be open to female players. It will give them a great opportunity. Students can pursue their careers in sports and management

The board members of MITCL as of 2016-2017:


Chairman : Vansh Mahajan
General Secretary : Ansh Bhutani
Operations : Abhinav Maheshwari
Media : Sushrut Devasthali
Human Resources : Ankush Angadi
Finance : Siri Chandana
Logistics : Kanishka Yadav
PR : Maheedhar Kappera
Sponsorship : Rishab Dave

Tentative Schedule: The timings of the matches will be 8:30 am – 12:00 pm and 2 pm – 5:30 pm. With two matches being played per day.

– 9th October (Sunday)
– 10th October (Maha Navami)
– 23rd October (Sunday)
– 30th October (Sunday)
– 1st November (Rajotsava Day)
– 13th November (Sunday)

First Sessionals were held from 17-20 Sept., with Teaching Break from 21-27 Sept. 2016

4th-7th November : Second Sessionals will be held from 4-7 November, and 19 November being the last Instructional Day

For More Details Contact: Vansh: 9591369934; Ansh: 9591333272; Rishabh: 9916886847; Siri Chandana- 9901542060


Details Submitted by Siri Chandana- Finance, MITCL

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