No need for Operation Lotus, K’taka Govt will collapse by itself: LoP Ashoka

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No need for Operation Lotus, K’taka Govt will collapse by itself: LoP Ashoka

Bengaluru: Leader of the Opposition and senior BJP leader R Ashoka stated on Wednesday that the Congress Government in Karnataka will collapse on its own, and there is no need to carry out Operation Lotus.

Addressing a press conference, Ashoka stated, “We will not bring down the ruling government in Karnataka through Operation Lotus. The Government will fall by itself.”

Political parties will naturally have differences, and the Congress party in Karnataka is no exception. Ashoka emphasised that there were individuals within the Karnataka Congress party akin to Ajit Pawar.

He criticised the rise in terrorist activities in the state since the Congress government came to power.

The NIA conducted raids in Bengaluru and Bellary, stating that terrorist activities are supported in various places in Karnataka.

The PFI organisation has been banned, and Ashoka claimed that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had a soft corner for the PFI. He expressed concern that Karnataka is becoming a hub for terrorists and urged the police department to be vigilant.

Ashoka questioned the law and order situation in Karnataka, citing an incident where a woman was stripped naked and assaulted in Belagavi.

He accused CM Siddaramaiah of not addressing the issue in the House and claimed that compensation was announced only after a fact-finding committee from the BJP visited the victim.

He further criticised the Government for facing bankruptcy and failing to deliver on guarantee schemes to the people. Ashoka mentioned that after a central team came to study the drought situation, the Government declared compensation.

He highlighted the plight of schoolchildren travelling in JCB vehicles. While stating that the Central Government will provide a relief package at an appropriate time, Ashoka emphasised that there is no need to completely depend on the Centre for compensation.

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