‘Noshibacho Khell’ Ends? Konkani Actress Ester Noronha & Telugu Actor Noel Sean Mutually DIVORCED

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‘Noshibacho Khell’ Ends? Konkani Actress Ester Noronha & Telugu Actor Noel Sean Mutually DIVORCED

  • ‘Noshibacho Khell’ (Game of Fortune/Luck) Ends? Konkani Actress Ester Noronha whose FIRST Konkani Film ‘Nosibacho Khell’ released in August 2016 ‘ & Telugu Actor Noel Sean, who debuted on the big screen in Telugu film’ Sambhavami Yuge Yuge’, Mutually DIVORCED on 1 September 2020, after their marriage on 3 January 2019, at Milagres Church, and wedding reception at Milagres College Open Air ground, Mangaluru. Seems like their wedding ended with ‘Game of Misfortune/Unluck’!

Mangaluru: It was 3 January 2019, me and my friend stepped on to the stage to wish Tollywood star Couple Ester Noronha and Noel Sean a “Happy and Long Married Life’, at the end of their grand wedding reception held at Milagres College Open Air ground, Hampankatta, Mangaluru. There was lots of music and dancing, filled with fun and frolic- and while the family members/relatives/friends from the boy’s side left early on that night since they had to travel back to Hyderabad/Telangana early next day morning, but we locals partied hard, joined by the newlywed couple. Unfortunately, it seems like our “Happy and Long Married Life” wishes to the newly married couple didn’t work- since Ester and Noel, 20 months after wedlock, announced their divorce by mutual consent, on Monday, 1 September 2020.

Ester Noronha & Neal Sean Wedding was held at Milagres Church in Mangaluru on 3 January 2019

It is also learnt that they got separated within a few days after marriage and had filed for mutual divorce in June 2019. In separate statements, Noel Sean and Ester Noronha wrote that they separated last year, and filed for divorce by mutual consent sometime after that. On Monday, 1 September 2020, the couple were granted a divorce and they were “waiting for the court’s decision to make it public.” Noel Sean wrote, “We had our differences which led to this and finally we decided to end this only to save the grace of this beautiful relationship… I request everyone to be supportive of this at this point of time and help us to heal from it. It will always be a beautiful phase of my life and I thank God for each and every day in it.”. Adding to this, Noel wrote to Ester saying, “God bless you Ester and may all your dreams come true, wishing you nothing but the best.”

The actress also shared a lengthy post on her (unverified) Instagram, in which she “answered the most frequently asked question to me in the last one year.” She wrote,

Finally… Here’s the answer to the most frequently asked question to me in the last 1 year… which many of you have speculated, guessed and even discussed the comments of my posts for a very long time now and are eagerly waiting for my response or confirmation…”


“I’ve been patiently waiting to do this for more than a year now… but didn’t want to do so before it was legal and official. Noel and I got married on the 3rd of January 2019 and soon after we had several irreconcilable compatibility issues due to which we had separated within a few days and finally filed for a MUTUAL DIVORCE in June 2019. Since then it has been a quiet, patient wait until yesterday when our plea got finally granted by the court. I have always been frank and honest as far as sharing with you all is concerned. But in this situation, I’d prefer to only say this much for the good of all the people involved in our lives, Noel’s and mine…I request you all to understand the sensitivity of the subject and my intention behind this decision and hope you’ll respect it and be with me on this one too like you always have”.

“We all are human… have gone through and are going through various ups and downs in our lives… we all have our share of failed relationships and we know exactly how complicated and stressful it is to deal with…The last thing expected in such times is judgements, any kind of negativity, questions or any more added discomfort. So I kindly request you all to consider this as my ONLY AND FINAL statement/clarification on this subject and that no other forms of questions, interviews, media attention, comments, discussion in any form real or virtual shall be entertained by me. This is all I have to say. Thank you for understanding, being there, for all the love, support, kindness, prayers and blessings for which I am ever-so-grateful and will always be. Keep me in prayers. Much love. God bless”.


Ester Noronha is an artist/entertainer, well known as a singer, dancer, performer and film actress in Konkani, Telugu and Kannada languages so far. She is currently venturing into Hindi, Tamil and Marathi film industries with two projects in each of these above-mentioned languages. Born and brought up in Mangaluru, she did schooling at St. Gerosa school, Jeppu, Mangaluru, later completed 8 grades in Piano from the Trinity College of London, Senior grade in Bharatnatyam from the KSEEB (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board), and also performed the “Rangapravesha” in Bharatnatyam. Ester is the first artist in Dakshina Kannada district to have performed “Rangapravesha” in both Bharatnatyam and Carnatic singing. Ester holds a post-graduation degree i.e M.A in Political Science under the University of Mumbai.

Ester then debuted in Sandalwood Kannada cinema with the movie ‘Usirigintha Neene Hattira’, Konkani film ‘Noshibacho Khell” was her First Konkani film; She went on to star in her next Konkani project Sophiya – A Dream Girl produced by her mother Mrs. Janet Noronha. Ester also became a part of one of Tollywood’s highly celebrated directors. In the meanwhile, she did the Kannada movie Nuggekai. Ester has been awarded the ‘KALA RATHNA’ award by the Mangalore Musical & Cultural Association, GITANJALI in 2015; Her Konkani movie, “Sophiya – a dream girl” won the KARNATAKA STATE AWARD – ‘BEST REGIONAL FILM’ 2017. She won the first-ever BEST ACTOR – FEMALE in Konkani at the First Global Konkani Cine Awards 2018.

Ester Noronha’s “DESPACITO” Konkani cover song featuring Noel Sean in the rap went viral in April – May 2018 and went on to cross 1 Million views in less than 3 months thus creating a world record of being the first Konkani song on YouTube to do so. Movies to her credit are – 2012 Baromas- Hindi; 2012 Qayamat Hi Qayamat-Hindi; 2013 AbaddaluTeja -Telugu; 2014 Bhimavaram Bullodu- Telugu; 2014 Usiriginta Neene Attira-Kannada; 2016 Garam-Telugu; 2016 Noshibacho Khell- Konkani; 2016 Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum-Tamil; 2017 Sophiya – A Dream Gir- Konkani; 2017 Jaya Janaki Nayaka-Telugu; 2017 Athiratha- Kannada; 2017 Nuggekai- Kannada; and 2017 Juliet Lover of Idiot -Telugu

ABOUT Noel Sean:

Noel Sean born on 28 November 1982 in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, is an Indian Rapper, Singer, Playback Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Composer, Television Actor, Television Presenter and Radio Jockey. He was the First Telugu rapper. Noel Sean was lucky enough to have terms with Pallela Ravishankar who was an archery coach. Pallela introduced him to veteran director Teja’s casting director Ramanand who recommended him for the film Sambhavami Yuge Yuge in the year 2006. Thus, he made his debut through this film. Later, he did Rapping in the Telugu movie ‘Vikramarkudu’ directed by the ace director S. S. Rajamouli. This brought Noel huge recognition, thus marking his title as the ‘First Telugu Rapper’ after which there was no looking back.

He then gave consistent appearances in various Telugu films and has today become one of the biggest and the famous rapper of Telugu film industry. His latest singles “Despacito” Telugu Cover and “Despacito” Konkani Cover became a smash hit. Besides rapping, he has also established himself as one of the mainstream actors and has played some famous supporting and lead roles. He was recently seen in Telugu films such as Hello Guru Prema Kosame, and Padi Padi Leche Manasu among others.

Ending this column with the Konkani version of ‘DESPACITO’ sung by Ester Noronha with Noel Sean:

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