Not Smart! Traffic Movement Upgradation at Lady Hill Junction is like a Obstacle Course for Pedestrians?

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Not Smart! Traffic Movement Upgradation at Lady Hill Junction is like a Obstacle Course for Pedestrians?

 Mangaluru: Have you recently been or passed by Lady Hill Junction? It is a nightmare out there, with the renovated Traffic System/Development work going on, more than the motorists, the commuters/pedestrians, especially the school going children of the couple of schools nearby are facing hardships in crossing the road-it is like a OBSTACLE COURSE? With a bunch of dividers and median constructed, crossing the road has been hectic for the pedestrians. School children are the ones facing hardship in climbing the dividers in order to cross the road.

Even though there are white strips marked for crossing, but the passage is blocked by the divider/median. Someone didn’t use their common sense when planning this traffic movement upgradation at this busy junction, which is now creating inconveniences and safety hazards to the young and the old. With all these new dividers, it has been too confusing for the motorists as well as pedestrians. With the present situation near Lady Hill junction we will be soon looking at few accidents taking place, and even injuries to pedestrians.

Ms Sumathi S N helping her 8-year-old daughter cross the road from Lady Hill Victoria Girls School speaking to Team Mangalorean siad, “This is one of the stupidest upgradation of traffic system that I have seen. They have redone the circle, I am not sure why? Earlier my daughter used to cross the road by herself, but with all these addition of dividers and what not has made me to escort her to school and back home. Thanks to the Smart ideas of the Smart Engineers who have come up with this unscientific plans, putting peoples lives in jeopardy”

Here are a few Points for rectification at the Lady Hill junction in order for the safety of pedestrians, and also motorists:

1.Being a School Zone, with many schools with small children up-to college level. Mangala Stadium and swimming pool. Kids need to cross roads. Everyone don’t have a car. Many are pedestrians. And these new dividers/medians are a nuisance to cross the road. Do they expect people to climb the dividers/medians in order to cross the road-like many are doing it presently.

2. 30 km limit Zone boards should be put up soon- since speeding of vehicles is always seen here, all the time.

3. Dividers to be pushed back now before its done and zebra crossing to be done immediately on all four roads for easy crossing of kids, elderly and adults .

4. Free rights and left are very dangerous for all of us to cross the roads. It should not be allowed. It confuses a child to cross. She or he has to look all sides- they can be hit badly.

5. Foot path has not been done on one side of the road where the 31 number bus stops. It’s dangerous that the kids can be hit by fast moving vehicles, as they stand on the road for their respective buses.

Therefore whoever is in-charge of this project, they need to look into the safety of children and the elderly and people walking on the roads when they design circles, dividers and broad roads- and NOT ONLY about motorists/Vehicles. They should know that not everybody has a vehicle?

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  1. Dear Mangaloreans, please try to find out how many Engineers have got genuine Degrees. Then You Citizens will know their Smartness. City Lays the Interlocks and removes it, as it shows a plan in the name of smart city.
    My kind request to every Citizen to find out what happens to the laid and removed Interlocks from the city area. Where these Interlocks end up and in whose Property.
    Secondly on which City Road they are Re-Installed Again and Billed to Public.
    Please Contact Anti Crime Office in Kottara, inside MUDA Building, Second Floor. They will surely do the Investigation. As I know them well, they are very Cordial, very Polite and Very Helpful. They will Surely take Action. Mr Alfie, You should also join together and do the investigation. Thanks to all who take this matter seriously and save Public Life and Money.

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