Ohio, USA: Bradly D’Souza nominated by The National Society of Leadership and Success

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Ohio: The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi , nominated Bradly Ivan D’Souza for his outstanding achievements  and leadership potential.

Society membership for Bradly, is exclusively by invitation or nomination from campus faculty, this gives Bradly access to leadership certification that is a valuable asset to his professional resume and a life changing personal development tool.


Sigma Alpha Pi is a leadership honour society (not a fraternity/sorority) available to select students on campus. Bradly’s invitation is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction based on academic accomplishment, leadership potential, or nomination from campus faculty.

Sigma Alpha Pi means Success = Action = Purpose. Success comes from continuous Action towards your Purpose.

Society membership places Bradly, among the top student leaders on campus and gives him an edge in the employment market through professional leadership training. The National Society of Leadership and Success is one of the largest college leadership honour societies in the United States with hundreds of chapters. Membership gives Bradly access to over $150,000 in awards and scholarships, leadership certification, exclusive events on campus, employer recruitment, an exclusive online job bank, networking with other top students on campus, and discounts that can save Bradly hundreds of dollars on computers, textbooks, car insurance and grad school prep courses.

The Society Mission is : “We Build Leaders Who Make a Better World.”  The Society is an organisation that helps Bradly discover and achieve his goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed.

The Society is founded upon the core beliefs that one can achieve one’s dreams with the proper support and dedicated action, and that we accomplish more together than we would achieve alone.

Bradly Ivan D’Souza is a sophomore at  the University of Cincinnati majoring in Finance. Bradly is Vice President of Finance at the University of Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association. This inspiring teen is a ‘Product Specialist’ at Tesla Motors.

Bradly 19 is the son of Harold and Dancy D’Souza. The D’Souza family hail from Bajpe, Mangalore and now reside at Cincinnati, Ohio in America.

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