Old Memories Cherished at Roshni Alumni Meet ‘SANYOG – 2017’

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Old Memories Cherished at Roshni Alumni Meet ‘SANYOG – 2017′

Mangaluru: The Roshni Alumni Association (R) School of Social Work organized “Alumni Get-together SANYOG – 2017” at the City Beach Bolar here on April 22.

The programme began with welcoming the guests and the gathering by the president of Roshni Alumni Association Steevan Pinto.

The programme was inaugurated by the Executive director and the president of UPCL Adani group Kishore Alva and Dr Austin D’Souza Prabhu from the USA by releasing the doves in the air.

Addressing the gathering Kishore Alva said, “The reunion of the Alumni is required in today’s world. It is an opportunity to recollect memorable incidents and occasions, it will also create a platform for understanding each other in a better way in the present scenario. One should be happy to know that the Roshni Alumni has a strong network of its members and is adding on from the past four decades.

He further said, “The alumni association advances the education institution and enriches the life of students and the alumni in many important ways. This framework offers a comprehensive way for the alumni relations and positions that the alumni association is an integral part of the overall advancement of the institution. Alumni relation must be the natural symbolic partner of the present development, academic affairs and so on. Alumni programmes should make measurable contributions which need to be reserved for the institution’s mission. Alumni are the great role models for the present students.”

Dr Austin D’Souza Prabhu speaking on the occasion said, “When we think about social work and social workers we always think that there will be something good behind the social worker. Without social work and social worker, there will not be much improvement. In the US, in hospitals, Churches and factories there are paid social workers and they always take care of the employees. Many employers need a social worker who is really working hard to reach the citizens.

Austin further said, “Be a candle as you know a candle brightens and gives light by sacrificing its wax. Sometimes we have to take the challenge to help others by sacrificing our time and money. Many social workers who are working in government offices work for 8 hours but some social workers work day and night for the welfare of the people. Be like the rose, if you look at the rose bush it is fully covered with thorns but the rosebud does not stay between the thrones, it always rises above to show its beauty and fragrance to the world. We should be like a rose instead of complaining about our own problems, rise above and share your knowledge and experience and also if it is possible, share and care”.

Recalling the funerals which he attended Dr Austin said, “I have been to hundreds of funerals but I never saw anyone carrying their wealth. So what is the point in saving money in our account and feeling happy? Why are we saving in our account? we should always give back, when we live in the society it is our duty to share and care for the less fortunate. If we have unused clothes take it out and give it away. Let us think of others, nowadays we have become very selfish and we think about only our family. Let us be a good citizen and let us share and care for others.”

Vice Principal of Roshni Nilaya Dr Jennis B Mary also spoke on the occasion. Asha Lobo delivered the vote of thanks. Herra Pinto compered the programme.

The old and the young dancing to the tune of Bollywood numbers was the special attraction of SANYOG 2017. There were a lot of games, fun, and frolic which made the Alumni Get-together a memorable one.

Pics by Astel Pereira, Team Mangalorean

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