Oman: Kudla Friends Muscat present hilarious Tulu Stage Play ‘Paniyere Aavandina’ by Cha Parka entourage

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Oman: Kudla Friends Muscat, comprising of the trio – Yuvaraj Salian, Srikanth Shetty and Suraj Rebello, embarking on a trail of presenting both Cultural and Sports events, have spun many interesting events for the people of Kudla. Since inception in 2011, they have conducted and presented a plethora of events attracting an enthusiastic participation. “What was conceived as a thought, has been blossoming in the form of aesthetic cultural and sports events.”


An evening filled with laughter, was the ESP at The Grand Hall, Al Falaj Hotel on Friday, the 22nd of May, during the entire staging of the Kudla Tulu Comedy Stage play, “Paniyere Aavandina”. The Tuluvaites in Oman would definitely vouch for it, as they were treated to almost three hours of a display of humour amidst varied emotions in the play. Devdas Kapikad and The Cha Parka Team of talented artistes sought to convey various thought provoking messages effectively.

Paniyere_aavandina_drama Paniyere_aavandina_drama-001 Paniyere_aavandina_drama-002 Paniyere_aavandina_drama-003

The evening began with the welcome address by Jaya Ramesh, who, on behalf of Kudla Friends Muscat, welcomed the guests, well wishers, patrons and drama lovers to their fourth cultural event and the second Tulu drama. She also welcomed the Kudla Friends to the dais. With loud applause, The Trio of Kudla Friends were well greeted by the Tuluvaites, who had arrived in hundreds to watch the Tulu comedy play.

Dressed in an attire with uniform color code, the Trio were all set for the evening. Suraj Rebello shared their thoughts and their activities and spoke about Devdas Kapikad and the Cha Parka Team. Suraj conveyed his message, both in Tulu and English.

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As a mark of respect and affection, floral bouquets were presented to the distinguished guests and supporters of the event.

Floral bouquets were presented by the Trio of Kudla Friends Muscat, Srikanth Shetty, Suraj Rebello and Yuvaraj Salian to Sheik Kaleem of Majan Events, Divakar Shetty, G Ramakrishna, Francis D’Souza, Ramesh Shettigar, Bhuvanendra Kidiyoor, S K Poojary, Shashidhar Shetty, Stanley Fernandes, Ashok Suvarna, Henry Martis, Ganesh V Shetty, Manjunath Nayak, Clifford Sanctis, Prashanth Sanil, and Athmika Amin.

Paniyere_aavandina_drama-008 Paniyere_aavandina_drama-009

“Paniyere Aavandina”, (that which cannot be told) the Tulu stage play by the very renowned star “Thelikeda Bolli” Devdas Kapikad and his entourage of talented artistes began with the background narration of Devdas Kapikad himself. He also narrated the account of his stage play pursuits and his kind of work.

The story plot revolved around a family with the parents Rajendra and Kusuma, their daughter Renuka, and their black sheep son Nagesh, ever hunted by the police for his wrong doings. His mother supports the family by working as domestic help in many houses. They have nothing but sadness, fear, distress, suffering. A father-son duo in the neighbourhood, in contrast, contribute to the humorous scenario. Avinash, the father, played by Devdas Kapikad, in his own inimitable style, enraptured the audience. This was followed by the flawless act of Kittanna (Bhojraj Vomanjoor) which caught the audience in splits. His very appearance and the punch dialogues flowing through the entire play was ribtickling. Rahul, from Mumbai, in his Hindi cum Tulu spoken language, finally, wishes to replace Nagesh as the son. Kittanna and his son are at another extremity compared to Avinash and his Jumbo son. Enlightening messages like children looking after the parents, domestic helpers being ill treated and other real life situations were displayed strongly.

Paniyere_aavandina_drama-010 Paniyere_aavandina_drama-011

The climax scene was heart rending with a strong message revealing the wrong acts of exploiters in the society. It rang a warning, and words of caution did register in the minds of the viewers, as the scenes rolled by. Though Nagesh, the young man, a criminal, finally commits another sinful act for the protection of his sister Renuka’s honour and his family prestige.

The music score was excellent and the songs by Devdas Kapikad himself and Sangeeta Bhalachander was very melodious. The non stop play, sailed from scene to scene act by act, with all the drama lovers glued to their seats, awaiting for more.

Later, Dilip Correa, on behalf of Kudla Friends, delivered the Felicitation speech in Tulu, describing the achievements and accolades of Devdas Kapikad and the Cha Parka Team artistes.

Divakar Shetty felicitated “Thelikeda Bolli” Devdas Kapikad and his wife Sharmila Kapikad, in the traditional style with a shawl, basket of fruits and a memento, in appreciation of their contribution to theatre. Devdas Kapikad sports many feathers in his cap as he dons the various roles of direction, singing, acting, penning scripts, apart from entertaining drama lovers.

Francis D’Souza presented mementos to all the artistes, along with S K Poojary and Ramesh Shettigar.





The perfect stage setting was created by Divakar Shetty , Multitech Contracting LLC … Suraj Rebello of Kudla Friends delivered the vote of thanks and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors and supporters, and all those who had stood by them throughout.

Kudla Friends Muscat, in association with Majan events, thus concluded their second event in 2015. Their striking endeavour with their maxim is being striven hard.

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  1. It was an enjoyable evening of hilarious comedy drama “Panyare Avandina”by Cha parka group. No doubt crowd enjoyed each and every moment of the it.
    Program moved very swiftly without wasting much time in sundry affairs. The trio of Kudla Friends- Yuvaraj Salian, Sooraj Rebello and Srikanth Shetty are doing a marvelous job in entertaining the coastal community of Karnataka.
    Also they are very popular with the sports they are conducting every year for the community.
    Wishing them all success in future programs too.
    Mrs Jaya Shettigar in her report not only mentions about the success of the program , but also reminds us of genuine concern about our social responsibility and values. Kudos to her.
    Thanks for being there always to meet the Tuluvas – in every program they conduct.

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