Oman Tuluver presents ‘Manikantha Mahime’

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Oman Tuluver presents ‘Manikantha Mahime’ A Yakshagana ballet in Oman

Oman: Majan events in association with Oman Tuluver presented a hall-packed Yakshagana Prasanga in Kannada “Manikantha Mahime” at the Grand Hall, Al Falaj Hotel, Ruwi. Oman Tuluver, a group of five enthusiastic members, out to promote various events in art, culture and sports and bringing Tuluvers together. The team consists of Ramananda Shetty, Sudhir Shetty, Padmakar Mendon, Rajesh Shetty and Arun Poojary.

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Welcome address: The programme commenced at 5:30 PM sharp and Ramanand Shetty, on behalf of Oman Tuluver, welcomed all the guests and the fantastic audience present. After seeking the blessings of the deities he began the proceedings. The guests, who are members of the various communities of Mangalore, were warmly welcomed with floral bouquets.

Traditional lighting of the lamp: To mark the onset of the programme in the traditional style, the guests lit the lamp, which was decorated with pingaara, shewantige, white, yellow and purple flowers. Ramanand Shetty highlighted the welfare measures undertaken by a group of volunteers.

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After the Chowki Puja, conducted by Shri Lakshminarayan Acharya, the stage was ready and illuminated. The Ranga Sthala from Yakshamitra Troupe Dubai, was installed on the stage. Satish Kumar Patla, began the prasanga with his signature style Bhagavatha, evoking thunderous applause. The entire Grand Hall echoed with his renditions and the joyful applause of the audience.

Yakshagana depicts the vivid bright hues of the costumes as per the character/role played, dialogues, rhythmic dance steps, colorful makeup with different head gears.

It was a total package dance –drama sequences of artistes, Bhagavathar, percussionists, Rangasthala, classic representation of the essence of the theme in-between vocal support, music and the episodes linking one to another.

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Costumes: The artistes with splendid costumes with a display of vivid colors like red, orange, gold, bright yellow and jewellery embellished with stones to brighten.,presented the prasanga.

Percussion Effect: The mridanga, taala and chende synchronized well and the turning effect on the melodious, exquisite renditions by Satish Shetty Patla. The ‘dhiginas’ a notable feature in yakshagana, were also a part on the prasanga that The duel of steps, dance sequences bet Bhasmasura and Mohini and the brief episodes in the life of Manikanta was presented.

Oman tuluver took care of the guests and audience by serving a packet of snacks – traditional delicacies.

Oman tuluver are now gearing for their next event. They were overwhelmed with the mammoth magnanimous support and the presence at the Grand Hall.

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Felicitation: Yakshagana art lovers at the Grand Hall, Al Falaj Hotel, will truly cherish the moments of not only witnessing and enjoying his Bhagavatha, but partaking with their presence during the felicitation of Satish Kumar Patla, the renowned maestro of Yakshagana Bhagavatha. He was presented a citation of appreciation and was bestowed with the honour of appreciation and affections by Oman Tuluver. Mementoes were presented to all the guests who were the invitees. Dr Shekar Salian, the senior most Tuluver in Oman, was felicitated in the traditional style. The artistes who were also felicitated in the traditional style – Patla Satish Shetty (Bagavatar) Akshay Kumar Marnad (Mohini), Lakshman Kumar Marakada (Manikanta), Shekhar Shettigar (Basmasura) Prashanth Kumar Voghenadu (Chende), Kishore Gatti (Mahishi) Gangadhar Shettigar (make-up)

Other artistes are Bhavani Shanker Sharma, Puthige Venkatesh Shastri, Madoor Lakshminarayana Sharma, Chandra Mohan Shettigar, Prasad Adhyapadi, Ananda Salian, Balakrishna D Shettigar, Swathi Sharath Saralaya, Prateek Jayananda Pakkala, Manasvini B S Sharma, Samantha Girish Narayan, Prapthi Jayananda Pakkala, Adithya Dinesh Shetty, Smrithi Laxmikantha Bhat, Aniketh B S Sharma, Aditi Dinesh Shetty, Vasu Bayar, Prabhakar Suvarna, Swathi Kateelu, Girish Narayan Katipalla, Sathish Shettigar, Sharath Poojary, Krishnaprasad Rao, Vikram Shetty Kateelu.

A raffle draw was conducted and the lucky winners were presented with wonderful gifts. The lucky chits were drawn by some of the guests .A power point presentation depicting Shri Satish Shetty Patla was presented which had the information about his Patla Foundation, formed to help The Yakshagana artistes.

Well-wishers: Ramesh Shettigar, Rathan Kottary, Shankar T Shetty, Ashok Suvarna, Dr. Anchan .C.K, Nagesh Shetty. S. K Poojary.

Dubai Guests: Praveen Shetty, Harish Bangera, Premnath Shetty, Satish Poojary, Vasu Shetty, Vishwanath Shetty, Laxmikanth Shetty, Jayananda Pakkala, Jayanth Shetty.

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Media: Jaya Ramesh Shettigar –

Vote of thanks: Vandana Padmakar Mendon on behalf of Oman Tuluver delivered the vote of thanks. She thanked the sponsors, guests , volunteers and the wonderful audience. Special thanks were accorded to Chidanand Poojary & Dinesh Shetty, Yakshamitru Troupe.

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