On Your Mark..Get..Go! Rain or Shine ‘Annual Sports Day 2023’ of Roshni Nilaya Held

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On Your Mark..Get.Go! Rain or Shine ‘Annual Sports Day 2023’ of School of Social Work- Roshni Nilaya and its Department of Physical Education was Held at Shanthi Grounds, Nandigudda, Mangaluru on Wednesday, 8 November 2023 from 10 am onwards. With heavy rains lashing the city since last night till this morning, the ground of the event was filled with slush/rainwater, and the Sports Day seemed like a ‘Kesardonji Dina’ (A Day in the Slush/Mud) and students loved it, some slipping and getting dirty- and it was all about fun -n-sports!

Mangaluru: Sports are good for all of us in daily life as they involve us in common physical activities in a healthy environment. The environment of sports becomes very competitive and challenging for the sportsmen so they focus on the challenges put in front. Physical beauty of the person involved in making the humanity of him. There are a variety of sports played accordingly by the people in various countries. Sports help us in many ways throughout our life. Sports are the way to big achievement in the student’s life apart from academics, however, it depends on their active involvement and the experiences they already have. Getting interested in any of the sports gives a worldwide identification and life-long achievement. Facing the challenges of sports teaches us to tackle other challenges of life as well as survive in a competitive society.

Keeping all that in mind School of Social Work-Roshni NIlya, Valencia Mangaluru in association with the Department of Physical Education under the leadership of Sandeep Ullal-Director of Physical Education, hosted their Annual Sports Day 2023 at the Shanthi Grounds, Nandigudda, Mangaluru on Wednesday, 8 October 2023 from 10 am onwards. St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute- Mangaluru. With heavy rains lashing the city since last night till this morning, the ground of the event was filled with slush/rainwater, and the Sports Day seemed like a ‘Kesardonji Dina’ (A Day in the Slush/Mud) and students loved it, some slipping and getting dirty- and it was all about fun -n-sports!

The students splendidly marched with pride and elegance in their uniforms to mark the opening ceremony to the tune of the College Brass Band. The students pledged the Oath led by Ms Ujwal Deepthi-Sports Secretary along with the other group leaders of various groups that participated in the march past. The flag hoisting was done by Chief Guest Roshan Ferrao- International Body Builder and Ekalavya Awardee, joined by guest of Honour Premanath Ullal- Rajyotsava Awardee and International Kabaddi Referee; Prof Vineetha K- Registrar of the College; Dr Jenis Mary- vice Principal of the College; Prop Cecilia Goveas- IQAC Coordinator and HoD of Economics; Prof Eveleen Benis – HoD MSW, Roshni Nilaya; Sandeep Ullal- Director, Physical education; among others.

The welcome address was delivered by Joan Bobby-III BA and the introduction of the Chief Guest was done by Joel D’Souza- I BSW. The torch bearers were Muhad Nabi Azad- Winner in various District and state Wrestling competitions; Ms Asha- Winner in various Volleyball district and state level competitions; Ms Nikitha- Winner in many District and state Powerlifting Competitions; Lawrence Cutinha- Winner in Volleyball and athletics competitions-dist and state; Ms Harshitha–Winner in Bench Press and Basketball competitions. The torch was handed over to the chief guest, after which he inaugurated the meeting by hoisting the College flag followed by releasing balloons.

In his inaugural address, Chief Guest Roshan Ferrao said, “Everyone likes sports because it is a useful means of entertainment as well as a way to physical activity. Both are character-building in nature and give huge levels of body energy and strength. If one is involved in sports and games activity, he/she has good mental and physical growth and development. It lets us learn many necessary things in life. It helps us in developing our personality, and confidence level and maintaining physical and mental balance. Being interested in sports and games activities makes us learn about how to tackle difficult situations in life and keeps the body relaxed and the mind free of tension. Sports and games are activities which make a person more capable with a high level of efficiency. Winning is not important, but participation is important. Try your best, and look for success”.

In her Presidential address, Dr. Jenis Mary, Vice Principal who presided over the Sports Day, highlighted how sports and games integrate the body, mind and soul! She said, “Sports enable us to gain wisdom from our body. The one who understands the capabilities of the body attains physical intelligence. Sports give great relief from stress and negative emotions. Thus a positive mind collaborates with the body to manifest its abilities. The soul is in search of leading a satisfying and fulfilling life. Thus rigorous physical exercises integrate body, mind and soul. An integrated person is the winner of life. That is the true meaning of success!”

The Valedictory ceremony was held at 5 pm, with Chief Guest Dr Flossy Rayappan- Retd Associate Professor, Dept of Physical Education, Roshni Nilaya; Guest of Honour- Dr Meean Juliet Monteiro-Asst Professor and Dean, Research, Roshni Nilaya; Dr Saritha D’Souza- HoD M Sc Criminology & Forensic Science, Roshni Nilaya; Dr Rosa Nimmy Mathew- HoD M Sc Counselling, Roshni Nilaya; Dr Sandra S Lobo- NAAC Coordinator & HoD Psychology, Roshni Nilaya, among others.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Sandeep Ullal-Director, Physical Education, and the programme was eloquently and meticulously compared by Ms Navya K, II BA student.

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