Once Completed Pumpwell Flyover Could be the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’?

Once Completed Pumpwell Flyover Could be the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’?

Mangaluru: Once completed the Kankanady Flyover will be the Eighth Wonder of the World- for two reasons- 1) For taking more than eight years to complete, and 2) For the Unscientific Way the Flyover is built? In spite of various controversies that has surrounded the Kankanady Pumpwell Flyover, which has been not completed for over eight years, there is yet another issue surrounding this controversial Flyover, since it has violated the international and national standard specifications by being constructed much lower than the permissible height. Why would anyone construct this Flyover with Height of 4.5 mts, when Legally it should be 5.5 mts- and due to this trucks, specially the ones which transport new vehicles, having higher height get stuck under this flyover- and just two days ago a truck got stuck, and to release it, air had to be taken out of the tyres.

Now that the flyover was intentionally constructed at the height of 4.5 mts, when the legal height should have been 5.5 mts- it was the dumb idea of the NHAI officials to prevent heavy vehicles with heights entering into the City limits. Now with all these accidents happening every now and then, with trucks getting stuck resulting in traffic chaos, there are rumours that the road below the flyover will be dug to adjust the height. But on the other hand, digging the road in order to adjust the height is a dumb idea, since the area which is already low , and if more digging is done, there will be flooding of water during monsoon time- and we have already experienced it during last year monsoon when the whole area was flooded.

Due to this 4.5 height, many accidents have taken place, especially when heavy loaded vehicles pass under this flyover, say the auto-rickshaw drivers from the nearby auto-rickshaw stand. Even though there is a sign stating that vehicles over 4.5 mts are not allowed, but unknowingly many a times drivers get into trouble when they drive their vehicles under this flyover and get stuck. And during wee hours in the morning when it’s dark, and also in the night where the caution sign is not clearly visible, that’s when all these problems arise. And many times, since most of these truck drivers are from North India, the caution signs in English will not serve the purpose.
While the newly constructed flyover near Padil has a height of 5.5 meters, how come this flyover was constructed at 4.5 mts height, is a question many are asking, which the officials are very reluctant to answer, since they are the ones who had created this big blunder. While this issue was brought to the attention of the DC by a Citizens Forum long back, who had assured that he will discuss it with NHAI authorities concerned, and see what could be done to rectify the problem- but it looks like no action has been taken to rectify it- since we constantly witness trucks getting stuck under the flyover.
Another unscientific development found by the Citizens Forum, was the orientation of the flyover, and the East and West pillars which seem to be sinking. The present situation of this Pumpwell Flyover will bring back memories of the 29 May 2018 floods which turned the Pumpwell circle into a lake due to heavy rains. Despite being a low-lying area with roads from all four sides sloping downwards towards it, carelessness in not alleviating the road beneath, before constructing the Pumpwell flyover.
Even after so many promised dates of completion and inauguration of this Flyover, and while a new date of completion is assured by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, but looking at the slow work going on at the flyover at the moment with just a bunch of workers at the helm of the project, there are chances the project may take a long time to complete. The flyover presently remains a picture of deserted work-in-progress, and amidst the presence of construction debris, abandoned mechanized equipment, earth-movers and iron rods popping out of the unfinished structure, the project appears to be at a standstill.
Taking note of its prolonged construction and deficient workmanship, few locals have likened the incomplete structure to the ruins of the ancient Roman Colosseum- and like Citizen Arjun Mascarenhas has posted his comment on MCC Civic Group page saying “Pumpwell flyover once completed, without any doubt will be considered as 8th Wonder of the World”- and he even posted a video of a truck getting stuck under the flyover (watch the video at end of the article). And yet another citizen has posted his comment on an electronic media stating “My son was just born when they started this project, now he is going to school. I’m wondering, is the work slow or my son is growing faster?!” Oh well…

Watch the video of Truck which got stuck under the flyover:

Once Completed Pumpwell Flyover Could be the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'?

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Lancy Madtha

The article authored by AD is an eye opener to the Authorities. There is no way they can turn a blind eye. It is high time that the Authorities take appropriate action before it is too late and as highlighted by AD, all kind of future catastrophic incidents can be avoided. AD, kindly keep highlighting the negligence of everyone who are responsible and answerable under their duties and or responsibilities to citizens.
Good luck to M.COM for their distinctive efforts.
Lancy Madtha
Valencia, Mangalore.