‘Only Dharmasthala Gods can bring Justice in Soujanya’s Case and Not CBI’- Thimarodi

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‘Only Dharmasthala Gods can bring Justice in Soujanya’s Case and Not CBI’- Thimarodi

Only Lord Manjunatha Swamy and Lord Annappa Swamy of the sacred Dharmasthala Kshethra can bring justice to Soujanya’s family and Not CBI- Mahesh Shetty Thimarody, President of Praja Prabhutva Vedike

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after Soujanya’s parents and later the three accused in Soujanya’s murder case had their press meets, it was the turn of Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi, the President of Praja Prabhutva Vedike who briefed the media persons on the proceedings of Soujanya death case. He said, ” Frankly speaking everyone including our Vedike and Soujanya’s parents have lost faith in the investigations handled by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Even in spite of lots of positive evidence pertaining to this murder, the CBI flunked in their investigations. This proves that money, politicians and high influential people might have played an important role during CBI investigation”

“Soujanya Gowda, a 17 year old PU student of Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha College at Ujire, had gone missing mysteriously on the evening of October 9, 2012. Her body was found the following day at Belthangady, with the police suspecting it to be a case of sexual assault followed by murder. While all these four years of CBI and CID investigations had no positive results, it is nice to note that the 50th Additional Sessions Court, a special court of CBI, has ordered for a re-investigation into this murder case. Even though our Vedike had held many protests, there had been no positive results from the CBI. Presently we have lost full faith in CBI, and we feel that only Lord Manjunatha Swamy and Lord Annappa Swamy of the Dharmasthala Kshethra can bring justice to Soujanya’ s parents, and definitely not the CBI.” added Thimarody.

“It’s been foolish on the part of the police to arrest and lock up an innocent person named Santhosh Rao as the lone suspect, while there have been eyewitnesses proving that three men- Dheeraj Jain, Mallik Jain and Uday Jain were seen at the crime spot. Why hasn’t the CBI taken the witnesses into consideration during their investigation. Why did they start inquiring these three men only after an year. This proves that the CBI is controlled by a few influential persons. Why does CBI need four years to solve a murder case when there are positive clues and witnesses. How can we ever trust these CBI Officials. We urge that these CBI officials who initially handled this murder case should be interrogated and bring out the truth from them as to who is playing the influential game” said Thimarody.

“Now that the Court has directed for a re-investigation, we urge that the CBI team be called from other states since we have no faith in the earlier CBI officials. Even though the three accused had said during a press meet that they had undergone blood tests, polygraph tests, and brain-mapping, but nowhere it has been documented in the High Court. Then how can they prove it? What was the necessity of the CBI to take Soujanya’s clothes from her house? If you look at the way how CBI handled this case, I think even an ordinary policeman would have done it better and in a systematic way” added Thimarodi.

” The CBI is only blaming on one suspect, Santhosh Rao which is not right. Even the doctor who did the post-mortem has said that more than one person was involved in Soujanya’s murder- then why isn’t the CBI not taking the doctor’s comments seriously and sleuth into other accused in this murder case. While welcoming the Courts order for re-investigation, we urge that the next CBI investigation should be supervised by the Supreme Court. We will continue our protests till Soujanya’s family gets justice. Our fight doesn’t end here- We are even ready to go to the Supreme Court” warned Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi.

Soujanya’s Uncle Vittal Gowda who was also seated on the dais was asked by one of the journo what he has to say about the accusation made by the three men-Dheeraj Jain, Mallik Jain and Uday Jain where they mentioned during the press meet yesterday that the maternal uncle of Soujnaya- Vittala Gowda, regularly dropped Soujanya home, after giving her refreshment at the hotel. However, only on the day that she went missing had Soujanya left home on her own from the hotel. Although it had been raining at that time, Gowda did not bother to drop her home. This particular angle should be probed further, and even the court has also underlined the same point, as Soujanya had consumed food at 6 pm. It is common sense that she may have taken food offered by people known to her. It could be even Vittala Gowda, as is the doubt expressed by the locals too. In reply, Vittal Gowda said all these allegations are false and that he is innocent, and he would never do such a crime on a family member.

Kusumavathi- Soujanya’s mother was among others present during the press meet.

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  1. If this case properly investigated without any political pressure many faces in Dharmasthala will be in trouble.

    Many convict in Sowjanya case is already living in US. Law enforcement has already knew it is closed case which is time to time brought forward for personal reason.

    This case is similar to Nityananda swamy and Ramachandrapura Math seer will die down without any conviction.

    Jai Hind

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