Oscar and Ivan Inaugurate 3KW of 50 Schools Solar Power Plant Project

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Oscar Fernandes and Ivan D’Souza Inaugurate 3KW of 50 Schools Solar Power Plant Project

Mangaluru: The inauguration of the 3KW of 50 schools Solar Power Plant Project was inaugurated by Oscar Fernandes- Member of Indian National Congress and Ivan D’Souza- Chief Whip-Government of Karnataka at St Joseph Higher Primary School-Kankanady on Saturday, 18 February. Out of the 50 schools to receive the solar power unit, St Joseph Higher Primary school was one among them. Each Solar Power unit will cost Rs 2 lakh 75 thousand- and the total cost of this project is Rs 1 Crore 75 lakhs 50 thousand.

As we advance our dependency on electricity rises but available electricity is not in accordance with the growing demand. The present sources of electricity are not eco-friendly, therefore we have to focus on another source of power generation. This is the need of the hour. When we think of the alternative source of electricity, Solar Power is the first choice. sunlight innovations are on in using the solar power effectively. Having an own house is the lifetime dream of every person. The roof top of such a house can be a power generating place. Installing solar energy producing unit would be very useful and economical. Such an effort put forth by the government shall be a major remedy to face power shortage.

Addressing the gathering after inaugurating the project, Ivan D’Souza said, “As we all know Mangaluru city has been tentatively selected as one of the 100 smart cities of India proposed by the Govt. of India. Mangaluru city shall be the 20th among the hundred smart cities to come up in the first phase. Our City has every potentiality and possibility of being selected to be a smart city. In this regard, we all should join hands and put our efforts to realize the set goal of the smart city. The introduction of solar energy generating units at our place of residence, at places of commercial and academic ventures, therefore are inevitable to all of us”.

“Through the advanced technology, the mere sun light is capable of producing solar electricity. Needless to say that, we can be self-reliant and can overcome the shortage of electric power through solar energy which is green energy. This green energy is potentially pollution free and eco-friendly. This shall be a boon to our city dwellers. Installation of solar panels is very lucrative as well as capable of providing uninterrupted power supply. The Ministry of Natural and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is providing full support and co-operation, and the Govt. of India as well as Govt. of Karnataka have issued guidelines in this regard.” added Ivan.

He further said, “On installation of a solar unit we can avail 15% subsidy on the total investment. The commercial banks have assured to extend financial assistance to this project. Instructions have been issued to the MESCOM authorities to extend all the possible co-operation to the public at large in implementing this project. Let us not have a second thought. Let us produce our own electricity and contribute to the development of our nation.” Oscar Fernandes also spoke and anticipated full support and co-operation from the public in implementing this project successfully.

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  1. Credit where credit is due. Ignoring all the fanfare and media circus, Mr. Ivan D’Souza certainly deserves credit for bringing more awareness and implementing sustainable, clean solar energy projects in 50 schools. He is very passionate about solar energy. He has solar panels installed at his residence as well. Good job!

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