Our Christmas Miracle

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Yippeee!! The much awaited long Eid weekend was finally announced and I grabbed the phone to confirm the kulkul recipe with my confidant, who went through it patiently once more.  The Christmas tree was up already the earlier weekend, the house freshly painted and ready for the festivity that entails the Christmassy season.

Come evening and we were all diligently at work, making designer kulkuls, we girls stuck with the making part and my darling hubby frying the batch pronto!  Everything was perfect except for a touch of flu like symptoms from Viv.  My better half, definitely better in all terms, is an enduring individual, be it life?s disappointments, illness or otherwise.  Which is probably why, he kept ignoring signs of his body telling him all was not well within. 

What started off with innocent flu symptoms of fatigue, fever and constant throwing up, were signals of the innocent body enzymes that something was more wrong than the famous ?Peenth? as termed in good ol? Konkani.  Many glasses of ENO and Pudin Hara later, we found ourselves at my place of work, our family Hospital (one of life?s blessings in this country away from home).  Funny how despite having insurance at other places closer to our home, Viv, insisted on coming in here, one of the many co-incidences that God made sure happen.  I say the above, because, only my colleagues could co-operate so completely and go out of their way to support us through our ordeal.

One look at Vivek and the Doctor immediately ordered a string of blood tests, starting from the routine Complete Blood Count (CBC) to the different profiles.  Some of these were immediately done and confirmed that the blood enzymes had gone haywire and things were not quite rosy.  The most important of the viral tests however was locally unavailable and was sent abroad.  Marvelous how the recent developments even enable us to send blood serum outside preserved intact to be tested by the latest gadgets.  Boundaries are shrinking and then some.

""…I would like to point out that there are many whose life’s will never be the same……""

Nothing I say can describe the anxiety of having to wait for a total of 6 days, thanks to the word URGENT mentioned on the serum.  The report would either confirm or negate the presence of a viral body, which would change the course of our ?normal? life.  I began frantically reading up on the chronic illness and with a jolt realized, how many of those around us, live with what life deals out. 

Seeing, Viv on the hospital bed, was something completely out of a nightmare.  The wait for the reports every morning especially following up on the one abroad was plain agony. 

Christmas eve, dawned and the reports were getting better by leaps and bounds.  The figures which were way out of normal range, began dropping, and so did the Doctor?s jaw.  He diligently ordered tests each morning and we anxiously awaited the results.  The normal range or the finishing line was soon in close vision.  The doctors on their part were surprised to say the very least and kept commenting on the progress he kept making.  Though surprised we were thrilled to bits.  If only the viral reports came in fine, we would be home and safe! If all goes well proclaimed the doctor he will be home by the weekend. 

During our stay in the Hospital, somehow I realized the value of saying the right things at the right time.  Learnt lessons which otherwise are pretty hard to be driven in.  Remembered those friends, relatives who had not informed us or made us aware of a crisis. They probably wanted to be left alone, as I needed to be left alone. 

Home was not the same with out the most important part of us.  The children though scared and confused were adorable.  I remember my little girl asking her father on the phone, you have fever? What did the doctor say? Shaun the stoic one, kept telling me everything will be alrite and bless him, it was!

The much awaited report took its time to arrive and finally did a week later, no words can describe the joy the engulfed us when we were told Viv was okay.  Seven years in to the marriage we sure had things smooth sailing.  The week in the Hospital bonded me to Viv anew.  Keeping him comfortable, checking on him in between work, most of all praying with him is something I treasure the most.  I better understood the vows of better or worse, in sickness and health. I appreciated all the care, love and concern I was showered by my sweetheart during my pregnancies, deliveries and the small complaints in the seven years.  I also realized that everything has its own time and nothing we say or do can change that!

For the New Year, we were back home, our family complete once again, we dressed for mass, with extra efforts, only we knew what we had missed on.  Vivek is back in his elements, his witty remarks, his wise cracks and his familiar grin.  Albeit on an all veg, low fat diet and grumbling retorts about the platter served daily but healthier and wiser nevertheless.

For those who ushered the new year as just another change in the digit I would like to point out that there are many whose life’s will never be the same, either for better or worse.  Many who may have departed and never see the digit changed or their families, for whom life is never the same again.

A sincere thank you to the Almighty, our parents who blessed and prayed for us, and to our loved ones who were around just when we needed them.  My colleagues at the Hospital Laboratory, the nurses, whose plight I saw and pitied.  We all need a change in attitude, a little bit of trust a little bit of empathy to those who attend to the ailing??..it takes courage to answer the call!

Here is something I wrote on Christmas day and would like to share: HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2008 guys!

Christmas dawns a lil’ bleak
Strength from the Lord is what I seek
Faith is strong, and hope is there,
Though doubts lurk in a corner somewhere!

Wondering what is there in store,
Is this it? Or is there more?
Great indeed are your mercies, I know ?
Why then is my heart troubling so.

Perhaps it?s the human in me,
Scared to dare, or seek, a miracle rare?
Give me the grace O Lord today,
To accept the things those come my way?.
To make a difference if I may,
To do your will today and every day…

Author: Tina Miranda- Kuwait

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