Own Future! Own Choice! Own Life! ‘PANA’ A Revolution in Learning

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Mangaluru: The Pana Own Education Institution held a press meet at the institution premises Bajpe here, on March 31.

Addressing the mediapersons Chairman and Managing Director Dr Prasad Hegde said, “The own learning method is a unique model, painstakingly designed with the latest learning methodologies, for students and teachers at Pana, to together revolutionise the learning journey. In Pana’s own method, each day is full of discovery, play and reflection; a journey of direct learning where the student and knowledge become one. Students can own success, own their dreams and own the universe”.

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PANA is an educational campus located next to the Mangalore international airport, amidst verdant hills in nature’s cradle, the Pana’campus is the ideal environment for learning itself to be transformed, integrating with the best new thinking in learning, the latest in technolo— gy and great living facilities.

The word PANA, means transcendental wisdom and is an insight into the true nature of reality. Wisdom is what directs knowledge towards good, and the creation of value. inspired by the three stages of human evolution childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Our logo symbolises — transfer, transform…eventually leading up to transcendence.

Undertaking with generation next to the journey from childhood to adulthood and more importantly to help children evolve ‘holistically’, ‘creatively’ and ‘confidently’ to play a significant role in the creative economy of the future.

The Pana PU College will be the first educational institute on the Pana campus and perhaps in the world to fuse design thinking into the PCMB curriculum seamlessly.

Speaking about Pana’s own learning method, Dr Prasad Hegde said “Own method is completely aligned and delivers on Pana’s philosophy of transforming students into successful learners and human beings. While it delivers on short term success, it also takes them beyond entrance exams, marks and results. “

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OWN is a method where each day is full of discovery, play and reflection. A journey of direct learning where the student and the knowledge become one.

Own is a new learning method that has been created by PANA EDUCATION and SPREAD that integrates design thinking with learning to create a system where every day is a whole new experience! Where students become active learners, constantly feeling, thinking, doing and reflecting. It’s not about what we teach, it is about how students can truly learn!

OWN is a method where students can learn through action. Where students understand by doing. Grasp through exploration. Get off their chairs to get deeper into their subjects.

Every day is full of discovery, everything a stimulus! With a heightened awareness of phenomena all around, learning is an enjoyable game with personal success as its end goal! Everything that arises in the mind is accompanied by sensation. We thought what if we could take students on a journey of learning through sensory involvement and we found fresh answers. Learning must be about curiosity, it is experiencing. Listening and asking questions. About reflecting, thinking for oneself and finally making it once own. Asking your own questions that drive you to find your own answers. Making it easier for mentors and parents to gUide the process.

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To create a brave new world of direct learning that is experiential, investigative and analytical where the student and the knowledge become one.

Now students will want to ask their own questions and will be guided to find their own answers and they can own learning, knowledge – own all the phenomena taking place all around them all the time.

The own method is a balanced mix of experiential Learning, investigative learning and analytical learning.

Experiential learning is involving and engaging. it makes students immerse, observe, Explore and enquire and in the process own the learning.


investigative Learning facilitates open enquiry and experimentation, Mistakes and learnings are shared confidently.

Analytical Learning simplifies concepts to their very essence for greater understanding. An analytical overview of active learning.

We have integrated design thinking, a method that is all about feeling, thinking and doing with the process of learning wherein students will collaborate, compete, play and learn, impacting every student.

Own methodology prepares students to retain knowledge and to makes her/him successful, a lifelong learner and an inspired human being!

Join us to discover and own, a new way of learning, of owning knowledge, success, the universe, every phenomenon around you and life.

Own the future. Own the choice. Own life itself!

The SPREAD is a design and learning organisation that partners with entrepreneurs, big multinationals, educationists and others driving change to integrate and apply design for transformation.

Spread creates learning experiences to expand the mind, enabling individuals at every level and organisations to tap into their own latent creativity, developing creative mind~sets and new age skillsets, building capabilities within.

Founding Partner of SPREAD Sonia, Director Academics and Learning Suyasha Shetty and Vice President  Sham Shetty were also present.

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