P K Tiwari-the Man behind the State-of-the-Art ‘Modular Operation Theatre’ at AJ Hospital

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Prabhu Kumar Tiwari – the Man behind the State-of-the-Art ‘Modular Operation Theatre’ at AJ Hospital

Mangaluru: With his entrepreneurial abilities, he is controlling and governing all the business activities of his organization. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the confined industry and utilizes the very best of the same for the betterment of his organization. He believes in moving at the market’s pace, so he always strives to insist on following and practicing latest market policies and technologies. He has appointed a number of skilled personals who aim to render their very best in order to gratify his company’s clients in the best possible manner- and they also assist him with their vindictive efforts so as to meet clients expectations and help purvey to the emanating engrossment of the market. Meet Prabhu Kumar Tiwari, aged 57, the proprietor of SaiSumeet Appliances, established in the year 2003, as a Sole Proprietorship Company, with its operational Unit located in Hyderabad.

Sai Sumeet Appliances holds expertness in the manufacturing, supplying and trading of Modular Operation Theatre, Laminar Air Flow, Air Handling Unit, Surgical Pendant, PUF Panel, Metal Door, Scrub Station, Pass Box, Bio Safety Cabinet, Sterile Storage Cabinet and many more. They also provide Vinyl Flooring Service. The company has gained abundant of appreciation from their widespread clientele in terms of repetitive orders and valuable suggestions regarding their product library and dedicated services. Because the company practices fair ethics and latest technologies intervention has helped the Company remain in pave with market’s innovations. Sai Sumeet Appliances believe in making time constraint deliveries and with custom packaging solutions which have helped them in gaining immense satisfaction of their clients.

With the latest State-of-the-Art Modular Operation Theatres installed at over 5000 hospitals throughout India, Sai Sumeet Appliances which has carved a known name in the market under the guidance of P K Tiwari, now adds A J Hospital and Research Centre-Mangaluru as one more client to its credit, by installing brand new six Modular Operation Theatres at a whopping cost of nearly Rs 8 crore, which was launched today. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, P K Tiwari said, “With our teammates constitution and insistent efforts, we have embarked an enviable position in the industry. Our employees always take care of client satisfaction in each sphere of our offerings. Our organization’s main asset is our newfangled and well-segregated infrastructure. It is well equipped with new extant machines which possess time-saving and labor cost reducing aptitude. Our machines hassle-free operations provide our manpower with a feeling of a caress from our organization. Our topologically advanced infrastructure is capable enough of making massive figures in terms of production and assures our esteemed clients of time stipulated deliveries.”

Sai Sumeet Appliances was started by P K Tiwari, a research engineer in this field since 2003. Prior to starting his own company, Tiwari has been in this field since 1996. Rewarded with six national awards for the Best Modular OT Manufacturing & Executing as per the NABH Norms, his plasma incineration technology is one of its kind ultra-modern technology for killing air-bone bacteria in the OT’s, NICU, ICU’s and Pharmaceutical Industries. He is specialized in Planning and Execution field of medical H.V.A.C & Modular OT’s as per NABH/JCI Norms. “We have appointed a number of skilled personals who aim to render their very best in order to gratify our clients in the best possible manner. They assist us with their vindictive efforts so as to meet clients expectations and help us purvey to the emanating engrossment of the market. With our teammates constitution and insistent efforts, we have embarked an enviable position in the industry. They always take care of client satisfaction in each sphere of our offerings” said Tiwari, feeling proud of the completed work at A J Hospital.

P K Tiwari (Right) seen with Dr Prashanth Marla

P K Tiwari’s firm provides services like-Complete Modular OT on Turn-key Basis as per NABH Norms; Complete IVF Setup; Burns ward Unit & CTVS Unit; Sterile SICU, ICU and NICU.; MRI, Cath Lab Doors; Complete Hospital Designing on Turn-key; Medical Gas Pipeline work; Bio-Medical Equipment Consultancy:- Strategic Technology Planning; Planning of Pre-Installation Services; Equipment Budgeting as per the need Assessment; Delivery Coordination; Installation Supervision; Audit of Existing Inventory; Infrastructure Adequacy Check; Architecture & Engineering Consultancy; Financial Feasibility Report; Land & Building; Space Planning; and Engineering & Plumbing Requirement.

The Modular Operation Theatres at A J Hospital are installed on the Principles of SSA Laminar Air Flow System, which is a six-stage air-borne infection killer plant, specially designed to suit the requirement of STERILE-AIR in Operation Theater. It’s the state-of-the-art PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) based ESP technology (as per EPA 68D 98118 – NABH guidelines) Regarding S.S Modular Operation Theaters, P K Tiwari said, “These impeccable S.S Modular Operation Theaters are developed with supreme quality equipment, which conforms to stringent quality parameters. We also install Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static PVC Flooring comprising of PVC materials (Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm; Specification:1600m*2.0mm*20m); and we install Emax300 electro-hydraulic operating table for use in a full range of different surgeries. The main feature of the Emax300 relates to optimizing the use of stainless”

A few of the Happy and Satisfied Customers of Sai Sumeet Appliances are: A J Hospital & Research center (Mangaluru); Srikara Hospitals (Hyderabad); Ongole Arogya Hospitals (Ongole); NDRK Hospital (Hassan); Kasturi Hospital (Hyderabad); Owaisi Hospital & Research Centre (Hyderabad); Princess Esra Hospital (Hyderabad); Anand Nirogdham Hospital (Meerut); Muzzafar Nagar Medical College (Muzzafar Nagar); and Sankara Medical & Dental College (Varkala, Kerala).

P K Tiwari Interacting with Dr Dinesh Kadam – a renowned Plastic Surgeon at AJ Hospital

Dr Prashanth Marla. Medical Director & CEO at A J Hospital & Research Centre speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “We are happy with the service and quality provided by P K Tiwari and his company. In a modular operating department for which the greatest integrated function is required, cleanliness, must be kept and the safety of equipment, facilities and devices must be maintained at all times. Also, the working environment for medical staff such as doctors and nurses must be considered from the viewpoint of human engineering. The modular operating theatre satisfying those conditions consists of wall, ceiling and slanted panels, and is capable of incorporating not only electrical equipment, medical gas system and lighting gears but all the necessary functions and equipment needed. We are happy to have these Modular OT’s at A J and thanks to P K Tiwari and his team for completing the work within the desired time”.

PCGI/PCGI Modular Operation Theatre as per NABH Norms comprise of- SS-304 LAF with True Hepa 99.99%; Wall/Ceiling PCGI 0.8mm thick; LED Down Lights; Dirty Hatch Box/Sterile Pass Box; Surgical Pendents as Per requirement; Anti Bacterial. Anti Static PU Flooring; OT Lights as per requirement; OT Table; Anti Radiation Lead Door; Customized Scientific Doors; Hermetically Sealed Sliding Door; OT Pendents with Surgeons Control Panel; Anaesthesia Pendent; Electric OT Table; Corian Scrub; Sterile Instrument Storage; Air Sterilizer through HEPA filters; etc

Sai Sumeet Appliances offer services like- Renovation of existing OT’s; Complete IVF Setup CTV’s; Eye OT’s; Isolation Rooms; Mother and Child Care Set Up; SICU, ICU, NICU, and PICU; Complete MGPS planning; Complete A/C Planning; and Equipment Planning. Sai Sumeet Appliances will undertake OT and Hospital projects on Turn Key basis right from the Layout; Designing of OT complex; Movement Analysis; Construction; Execution; Commissioning; and Maintenance.

# 6-127, Venkateswara Nagar Colony, Nagaram, Keesara Mdl, Hyderabad-083
Phone -Cell: 08099119595; Office: 09441673395
Email : prabhutiwari1@gmail.com; Website : www.sterileair.in

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