Palash Sen, Pakistani band collaborate for song on unity

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Mumbai, Aug 15 (IANS) Singer Palash Sen along with Pakistani band Mizmaar has made a song titled “Yeh dil” to highlight the importance of unity between India and Pakistan. The “Maeri” singer says the message of the song is simply that “love has no boundary”.

“‘Yeh dil’ is my first official collaboration with Pakistani rock giants Mizmaar… The message is simple — god has no religion, love knows no boundaries. And we won’t let politicians and terrorists tell us what to do,” Sen said.

The song’s music video, directed by Kashan Admani and Alfred D’Mello from Mizmaar, has been released on video-sharing website YouTube, while the audio is available on music platform Saavn.

The “Aana tu meri gali” singer says that “music has crossed the line of control” and that “nobody has the guts or power to stop it”.

“Mizmaar and I believe that each one of us, the citizens of India and Pakistan, have the power to choose love over hate, peace over violence and brotherhood over politics,” Sen added.

Talking about the song, Kashan Admani from the band says that it “is an effort to reflect the bond that we share with each other and that the only solution is love, peace and harmony”.

“It has nothing to do with what our governments or politicians think but what we think as people,” he added.

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