Panchaloha Idol, Materials Stolen from Mariamma Temple

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Panchaloha Idol, Materials Stolen from Mariamma Temple

Mangaluru: As the monsoon gains momentum, thieves appear to be getting more active. Reports of frequent thefts in homes and temples are being received.

Miscreants broke into the precincts of Mariamma temple in Suratkal late Saturday night. They appear to have gained access through the southern door. By breaking open the main sanctuary, they took away many items.

They included a panchaloha idol of Durga Devi, three silver vessels and three silver facial masks of the deity, which may have been donated by her devotees.

The total value of goods stolen is estimated around Rs 1 lakh. A case has been registered in Suratkal police station.

There has been an order from the district administration to have CCTV cameras installed in all houses of worship. But it was not followed in this case, said a devotee.

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  1. Surathkal has seen 48 robberies in a span of 6 months. There is a serious threat. The theives are targetting, houses, temples, construction sites. The local police seem to be in pressure

  2. I’m surprised that this got even reported!! On the other hand, if this was a church, it would have immediately made it to national headlines followed by verbal attacks on RSS. Oh well…

  3. “…if this was a church, it would have immediately made it to national headlines followed by verbal attacks on RSS. Oh well…” – Namma Rampe

    Did you mean to say – if this WERE to be a Church?

    But then, what can be expected from a ‘Akhanda-Bharateeya-padhradee’ cum Yumreeki who is interested only in some Rapeeka, Patheema, Paizala, Sarparaza, Thoupeeka, Paazila, Pawaza et al?

    Say, does the name Virendra Tawde of the HJS ring a bell? And well, you know for sure that he belongs to the ‘Holy Jesus Society’ or is it….Born Again splinter of Christianity. Right, ya, Rampa?

    Oh ‘guvel’! 🙂 What do we do with our preethiya RampaNNA?

  4. “Does the name Virendra Tawde ….” writes Joker Praveena Pinto

    Oh my!!!!! Vireendra Tawde??? LOL Thank god – he didn’t bring up nathooraama godse or Veera Saavarkar!! LOL LOL Look at how pathetic these Beef Club members have turned themselves into!! They have a huge trouble acknowledging dozens of names from daily ‘peaceful’ acts reported from all over the world. Instead, they keep repeating the same naathooraama, saadhwi, samjaaatha and now some Veerendra!!! LOL How does Beef Club produce so many geniuses?

    • How does Beef Club produce so many geniuses? – Wonders our RampaNNA

      Oh my!!!!! Oh my ‘guvel’! 🙂

      Well, to answer that question, you must pop that q to our the members of the Original Beef Club.

      Like for eg – beloved HRD minister who boasted of her Yale ‘degree’ after doing some sightseeing in Disneyland and Neverland, and, some ex Physics professor AND his guru – our ‘phoreen balping’ Pravaadhi Sevaka who promised all Indians rs 15 lakhs, Subbi Swami – the guided missile (as opposed to misguided) who is now gunning for the Chief Economic Advisor’s blood, Pahlaj Nihalani (who proudly announced that he is a Modi Chamcha & is chief of Censor Board for Films), Gajendra Chauhaaana (a 2 bit soft-porn ‘actor’ who is chief of FTTI), Chethana Chauhana (an ex-cricketer and Banker who was newly appointed chief of FTTI just because of his sworn allegience to the BJP/RSS), Deenanatha Bhatraa (another RSS stooge who is saffronizing education in India) …..

      Oh well, the list of geniuses from the Original Beef Club is endless! See ya Rampa, the solution is simple. To answer your question – “How does Beef Club produce so many geniuses?”, all you gotta do is one of the following:

      1. Look up their email addresses in your RSS diary and mail them.
      2. Send them your query on Whatsapp.
      3. Call them on IMO or Viber or even have a Skype convo with them. (Hey, you could try Tinder too) 😉
      4. Send them an old-fashioned inland letter or Telegram from wherever you are.

      and there you go….. problem solved. 🙂

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