Parminder Nagra cast for ‘The Kingmakers’

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Los Angeles, March 6 (IANS) “Bend It Like Beckham” star Parminder Nagra has joined the cast of the ABC drama pilot “The Kingmakers”.

Written and executive produced by Sallie Patrick, the show centres on Eli, a young man whose sister Julia is found dead during her freshman year at an elite Ivy League university, reports

He adopts a new identity to infiltrate the school and its century-old secret society — consisting of privileged students, ambitious faculty and high-profile alums — in order to investigate her death.

Parminder, an Indian origin British actress will play Radha, a British professor who is framed for supplying Julia with drugs and disposing of her body after her overdose.

Radha calls Eli to warn him that Julia was murdered and to give him the information and contacts he needs to assume a new identity. She is fighting not only to save her own skin but to uncover the intricate web of lies and trail of trouble.

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