‘Party Within Your Limits on New Year’s Eve’ orders Police Commissioner

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Mangaluru: As per the communication from Police Commissioner’s office, Police Commissioner S Murugan has issued certain rules that need to be followed by the revelers while celebrating New Year’s Eve on Thursday, 31 December. Following are the orders.


– All the hotels, pubs, clubs, resorts, restaurants, and other social organisations need to wind up their celebrations by 12. 30 am. No excuses.

– All celebrations need to be organized inside the premises of the concerned establishments.

– Any restaurants or liquor serving hotels intend to serve liquor beyond 12.30 am, are requested to obtain special written permission from the excise department. If the celebrations are held in public, then the permission should be got from concerned departments but should strictly end by 12.30 am.

– All establishments who want to use loud speakers should get permission on December 31 by 4 pm from City Police Commissioner’s office, by submitting an application. Those who don’t get permission for use of loud speakers, strict action will be taken against them. Precaution should be taken by the management of the establishment to see that the sound doesn’t exceed the prescribed limits.

– No stopping of vehicles is allowed on the road to wish people. Precaution should be taken to see that neighbours are not disturbed, also women and children are not disturbed. No one should be forced to accept New Year wishes against their wishes. Celebrate within your limits, without getting into trouble with the law.

– Police will crack down on drunk driving and speeding motorists. Strict fines will be imposed on law-breakers.

– Fireworks are prohibited which could disturb neighbourhood.

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