Passes will be Issued for Daily Commuters between DK and Kasargod Districts – DC Sindhu

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Passes will be Issued for Daily Commuters between DK and Kasargod Districts – DC Sindhu

Mangaluru: “The daily passes shall be issued only for working Professionals/students who require to commute for work purposes on a daily basis. This includes medical and other professionals, government officials, and students”, stated Deputy commissioner Sindhu Rupesh in a press statement on June 3.

In her press statement, DC Sindhu has stated that people who wish to travel to Dakshina Kannada district from Kasaragod district of Kerala State for the above purposes need to register on https://bit.Iy/dkdpermit for Daily pass purposes. For people travelling to Kasaragod from Dakshina Kannada for such daily purposes, the passes issued by Kasargod District Administration shall be presented at Talapady Checkpost. The pass application shall clearly mention Origin and Destination locations, the complete work address in Dakshina Kannada. The applicant shall upload Aadhar, Proof of workplace(clinic registration, letter of the employer, work/student I.D. etc.).

On receipt of such online applications, the Assistant Commissioner, Mangaluru Sub-Division, Mangaluru will issue the pass which will be valid till 6 June 2020 unless it is revoked due to misuse or misrepresentation.

The pass details shall be recorded at Talapady check-post where the persons travelling with this pass shall enter their details, entry, and exit time daily. Any person who fails to report during exit from Dakshina Kannada will be subjected to quarantine by the Taluk Administration, and penal action will be initiated as per the Epidemics act.

Thermal screening of all persons entering Dakshina Kannada on daily passes will be conducted at Talapady Checkpost, and only those who are asymptomatic will be allowed to enter.

The pass is valid only for travelling to and from the workplace, and any deviation detected will be penalized.

This SOP is to be followed until further orders. The travellers are bound by all health advisories given by Depart of Health, Government of Karnataka.

It is clarified that all the guidelines regarding Sevasindhu registration and quarantine conditions will continue for other categories of travellers coming into D.K. This SOP and e pass system is ONLY for daily passes to people for stork purposes.

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