‘People Ask Me If They Need Passport To Visit Nagaland? Ha..ha..’ – Governor of Nagaland

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‘People Ask Me If They Need Passport To Visit Nagaland? Ha..ha..’ – Governor of Nagaland

“We always say “Bharath Matha Ki Jai”- but how many Indians respect each other, or respect people from neighboring states. Many Indians don’t even know how many states are there in India, some don’t even know the name of the states. People have asked me if they need a passport to enter Nagaland. What a joke? What are they thinking? Nagaland is not in China, it is very much situated in India! If a person is really inspired by ideologies, he can serve the society better. Each and everyone can do good, all we need is will. North-eastern states are the strength of this country. We should have a better relationship with north-east people. We should start to respect and create a unity between the people/students of North-East for a better relationship which has been very much lacking, and also that strengthening the eight States of North-East India was the need of the hour. I am inviting many more religious/social organizations/politicians to the state and also emphasize on the need of the attention towards the rich and beautiful state of Nagaland and the poor Naga people.” Governor of Nagaland Padmanabha Acharya, during a Special Lecture on “North Eastern States” organized by few Rotary Clubs in Mangaluru.

Mangaluru: Even though is the Governor of Nagaland, His heart and soul is always in DK and Udupi-for the fact that he was born in Udupi. We are talking about His Excellency Padmanabha Acharya, aged 83, the Honorable Governor of Nagaland, who was in the City for a Special Lecture on “North Eastern States-the Paradise of India, organized by Rotary of Mangalore (RCM); RCM-Sunrise; RCM-Downtown; RCM-Deralakatte; and RCM-South, at Hotel Moti Mahal-Mangaluru on Wednesday, 3 January 2018. And during the interaction, the Governor who is fluent in many languages, insisted that he communicate with an audience more in Tulu and Kannada, being proud of his hometown languages.

Following an elaborate introduction of P.B. Acharya, Governor of Nagaland,and delivering the welcome address by Rtn Animesh Jain- President of RCM-Sunrise, it was the moment everyone was waiting for, the Special Lecture by the Governor, where in his friendly and jovial talk he said, “Strengthening the eight States of North-East India was the need of the hour. I take this opportunity to invite many more religious/members of social organizations/institutions/universities etc to the state of Nagaland and I am emphasizing on the need of the attention towards the rich and beautiful state of Nagaland and the poor Naga people. People from the mainland should make an effort to visit NE eight States and establish their projects there. The North-East is abundant in natural resources.”

“There are nearly 300 insurgent groups operating in the North-East. These States also have international borders. They either border China, Mynamar or Bangladesh. The insurgents do not feel that they were part of the country. Hence, it was up to the people of the mainland to reach out to them. Many religious icons from this part of DK or Udupi should start their projects in the North-East. Being a governor since 2014, I am overwhelmed with joy and proud to belong to this region. North-eastern people are the link of inter grated India. RSS ideology and ABVP principles have inspired me. If a person is really inspired by this ideology, he can serve the society better. Each and everyone can do good, all we need is will. North-eastern states are the strength of this country. We should have better relationship with north-east people,” the Governor said.

Governor further said “Adopt the north-east students for fellowship, provide them education, invite them for your family functions, which will help to foster good relationship. We are all Indians, no one is second grade. Today north-east is in danger. The north-east is facing threat from China. With its Communist ideology China has reached till Arunachal Pradesh. Roads are been constructed. Insurgent groups are being formed within the state. Thousands of Bangladesh migrants have filtered into India and our demography is in danger. It is all done very silently. India needs strong and secure borders. The country is not surrounded by good neighbours. People of north-east may be different in appearance, language, and food habits, but we are all Indians. We should respect them. There is unity in diversity. Attacks on them sends wrong signals,”.

“Universities should start departments for tribal language studies. Though there have been great freedom fighters from the north-east, like Rani Gaidinliu, we do not know them. Every single person can do a lot to his village with a clear vision. Work with a road map, and you will reach your goal. We should change our mindset. We are reason for the misery of those (north-east) people. Imbibe the nationalist ideology. A state like Meghalaya is blessed with good natural resources. North-east people are at the top when it comes to civilization. I am glad that many universities/institutions have accepted NE students and providing them good education, and I admire the kind gesture of the managements. North-eastern people are an integral part of India and I am overwhelmed at the opportunity to represent them. I urge you all to adopt the north-east students for fellowship and provide them education which will help to foster good relationship.” added PB Acharya.

“One should start loving his/her own country right from tender age. Empowering the people with education is a noble deed one can do for the country. Education, Electricity and Employment are the three E’s to achieve greater heights. At this point, we are producing students with conventional degrees, it should be stopped and we should impart such education where students are empowered enough to lead a happy life”, he said and quoted the adage, ‘work is worship’ in a bid to convey the meaning of dignity of labour in any job. He further said, “Language is a very important source, which can come very close to heart. We also need to speak in our local languages, like our ancestors who are proud of their dialects and traditions. Learning our dialect is a must for national and emotional integration. Students should be aware that education should not only be about earning money or getting rich, but should be about national integration and to make a society a greater place,” added Governor Acharya.

“I was at Nitte University on an invitation from Vinay Hegde-Chancellor of Nitte University, and I appreciate that the Nitte University recently opened a department of North East called NAMMMASTE (which stands for Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Tripura, East) which aims to promote national and emotional integration in the country by introducing the languages of the North East among its students. Currently the university offers four language certificate courses namely Assamese, Mao, Meiteilong and Khasi languages. Respecting each other’s dialects and languages can bring integration among the various communities in the country. People-to-people contact through educational and cultural exchanges would develop a sense of unity and oneness among the people of Northeastern states and mainland India. “

“If a person accepted tribals as equal citizens, then there should be no feeling of superiority in the mind since it destroys the emotional integrity. Students in the universities should not only focus on earning money, but should also think of national integration and make the society rich. But this concept was missing in the university education lately. We have to join and mingle with all parts of our country then only we can say that we are all one and we are all Indians. We as responsible Indians should built a clean and healthy India. We also should learn the art of giving back to the society. We need to look forward for connections between NE folks and DK/Mangaluru/Udupi. Our South area is full of intellectual people, so we can do it” said the Governor.

While concluding he said, ” I whole-heartedly welcome you all to my residence-Raj Bhavan in Nagaland anytime. Just write to or email me, and I will do the rest. And also if you need NE people to come and entertain you here in DK and surrounding places, you can contact. But one kind request is that, when NE people come here as your guest, please welcome them to your homes and chat with them over a cup of tea-that would be a kind gesture, and they’ll will surely love it. People of Nagaland are very friendly and courteous people, and we all should respect them equally without any discrimination. Let us not divide India in the name of Religion, Language , Race, Faith and Culture-We are all equal in the eyes of God. Thanks for having me here, and next time you all come to Nagaland, be my guest. My residence is always open for guests.”

On behalf of the organizing Rotary Clubs, a memento was offered to the Governor. During the Q & A Interaction, the Governor specifically mentioned that the questions should be in Kannada or Tulu, and the few members from the audience had no option-they all opted to ask queries in Tulu, and the Governor happily answered them. When the audience wanted Governor’s wife Ms Kavitha Acharya to speak a few words in her local languages, she instead recited a Bhajan in Kannada, which was applauded by the audience. The vote of thanks was proposed by Rtn Naveen N -Secretary of RCM. The dignitaries on the dais were- Rtn Rajendra Kalbhavi- Asst Rotary Governor Zone 3; Rtn Vasanth Shenoy- President-Rotary Club of Mangalore; Rtn Dr Animesh Jain- President, RCM- Sunrise; Rtn. Suraj Hebbar- President, RCM-Downtown; Rtn Yuvaraj Acharya-President, RCM-South and rtn Ravindra shetty-President, RCM-Deralakatte. The Special Lecture programme ended with National Anthem.

About Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya- the Governor of Nagaland:

Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya was born 8 October 1931 in Udupi, to Balakrishna and Radha. He was appointed Governor of Nagaland on 14 July 2014 after President Pranab Mukherjee accepted resignation of Tripura Governor Vakkom Purushothaman. He also took the oath as the Hon’ble Governor of Assam (additional charge) on 12 December 2014 and was in office as the governor of Assam state of India till 17 August 2016 . He was also the Governor of Tripura state of India(Bharat) from 21 July 2014 to 19 May 2015. He had also been given additional charge as the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh state of India on 26 January 2017.

A native of Udupi district (Then undivided South Canara), P B Acharya completed his matriculation from Christian High School, Udupi. He was first batch student of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College (MGM College),Udupi in 1949. After graduation, he worked in Mumbai city and was associated with ABVP and was member of Mumbai University’s senate. He also completed L.L.B. degree from Mumbai university. He was credited for planning University of Delhi’s Gyanodaya Express to North East of India.

He has held various positions in Bharatiya Janata Party before becoming governor. In 1980, Sri P.B. Acharya became member of Bharatiya Janata Party (B.J.P). He was elected as the BJP President of North West Bombay District in 1987 and later in 1989 has become the Committee Member of Mumbai BJP. In 1991, he was elected as National Executive Member, B.J.P, in-charge of North Eastern States namely Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland of Bharat(India). He was also All India National Secretary of the BJP and in-charge of North Eastern States from 1995-2002 . In 2002 A.D, he was the National Executive Member with the charge of Kerala & Lakshadweep and in 2005 of Tamil Nadu.

Shri Acharya was national in-charge of SC/ST Morcha and Co-convener of Overseas Friends of BJP and National Prabhari of North East India Samparka Cell. Shri Padmanabha Acharya was actively engaged in “My Home is India”, a project of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishath (A.B.V.P.) for the tribal children from North East, Tribal children were invited by the families of Mumbai city for education purpose. Several students lived at his residence for 3 to 10 years (1969-79). He was involved in the activities (since 1975) of Academy for Indian Tribal Dialects at Rani Ma Gaidinlu Bhavan – a publication wing of INFC and published 10 booklets on Tribal Nationalist leaders like Rani Ma Gaidinlu (Nagaland), U.Tirot Singh and Jaban Bay (Meghalaya), Dr. Dying Ering and Narottam (Arunachal Pradesh) and also publication of tribal proverbs, folk-tales and poems.

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