As a performer, I share a relation with camera: Mita Vashisht

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As a performer, I share a relation with camera: Mita Vashisht

Mumbai, March 6 (IANS) Acclaimed actress Mita Vashisht, known for some of her remarkable performances in the TV and cinema space, says irrespective of the medium, she shares a special bond with the camera.

The actress, who is playing a part in a new finite TV series series “Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai” on Star Plus, says though cinema and small screen are a director’s medium, the real joy lies in bringing something new on table — something that is beyond the script and director’s imagination.

“As an actor, when I am doing something extra that I find in the moment of performance, it’s joyful. For me, at the end of the day, nothing can come between my performance and camera… It’s the secret love affair I have with camera.

“Nothing can be hidden from that, irrespective of the medium, whether it is TV, digital or cinema. So, as a performer, I share a relation with camera,” Mita told IANS here.

A National School of Drama alumnus, Mita has worked with filmmakers like Mani Kaul, Mani Ratnam, Govind Nihalani and Subhash Ghai. She also worked with Ketan Mehta for the TV show “Mr Yogi” and with Mahesh Bhatt in “Swabhimaan”.

Asked about how formal training helped her to explore various mediums, Mita said: “The day I realized that I want to be an actress, I went in training to learn a lot of things about acting. I knew I had talent, but that was certainly not enough to be a professional actor.

“As I learnt the craft, I gained confidence and then on, whether dignified personalities like Mani Kaul or Govind Nihalani, or standing in front of Dimple Kapadia whom I had seen only on screen, couldn’t make me nervous to perform.”

Over the years, the film and entertainment industry has evolved with celebration of glamour and usage of technical advancement for filmmaking to match international standards. Mita is somehow not happy with such evolvement of technology that has overpowered the skill and enthusiasm of a performer. She feels it affects the organic nature of the art form.

“The other day I was taking a session at an acting school where I was talking about breath controlling for dubbing and voice-over. One of the students asked me when audio technology could do that, what is the point of learning such things/

“I know that the young generation with the same thought is right on its point, my but my question is, ‘If I am surrendering myself to technology or choosing to be smarter than the machine, how can a machine bring soul to your performance from your deep spirit?’

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