Pernia Qureshi a miracle woman: Muzaffar Ali

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Mumbai, (IANS) “Umrao Jaan” director Muzaffar Ali, who returns to make a film after a while with “Jaanisaar”, is extremely fascinated with his heroine, debutante Pernia Qureshi, terming her a “miracle woman’.

“When you see some women, you get a feeling that they they’ll give up in moments of hardships. But with Pernia, this is definitely not the case as she can do wonders. She is a miracle woman. She has performed these miracles without a hint of difference to her beauty and grace,” Ali said at the trailer launch here.

“She is a genius and nothing short of that and I think she’ll go very very far. And I think it is the best choice that I’ve made,” he said.

About the thought of casting the renowned fashion entrepreneur, Ali said: “When I saw Pernia, I got a feeling that she was Noor (her character in film). And Noor had a certain attitude and style about her. She combined a certain style of determination to do activities and a peculiar style of dancing and expression.”

Pernia has also beautifully enacted a special fight form which was a concoction of karate and other martial arts.

A period love drama set in the late 19th century, “Jaanisaar” also stars Pakistani actor Imran Abbas of “Creature” fame.

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